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Positive adjectives that start with R "refreshing words"

Positive adjectives that start with R



Racy having characteristic quality or taste; vigorous; lively.
Rad excellent; wonderful.
Radiant emanating great love, joy, happiness or health; emitting light or heat; bright.
Rapid very quick or swift; advancing with speed or haste.
Rapturous filled with great joy or delight; ecstatic; ravishing.
Rational exercising or having the ability to reason; sane; logically sound.
Razor-sharp extremely sharp; quick-witted or very clever.



Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth. George Washington TWEET THIS



Reachable accessible; capable of being easily reached or approached.
Ready prepared, available, likely or about to do something; willing.
Real actual and true; occurring or being in actuality or fact; genuine; authentic; free of falsehood or pretense.
Realistic relating to the realism or realists; aware of things as they really are.
Realizable capable of existing, realized or achieved.
Reasonable rational; logical; fair; just; satisfactory.
Reassuring relieving anxiety and restoring confidence; causing comfort.
Receptive willing or ready to receive favorably.
Recherche exquisite; lavishly elegant; exotic.
Recipient receptive; receiving.
Reciprocal interchanged or interchanging; mutual.
Recognizable capable or being recognized or easily perceived.
Recognized notable; honored; generally approved.
Recommendable worthy of praise or to be recommended; capable or suitable of being recommended.
Recuperative relating to recuperation; tending to recovery (especially of health or strength); regenerative.
Red-carpet characterized by special hospitality or treatment; VIP.
Refined purified; polished; delicate; cultured; precise; having or showing a good taste or feelings.
Reflective deeply thoughtful; capable of or creating or producing reflection.
Refreshing reinvigorating someone or serving to refresh.
Refulgent radiant; brilliant; shining; splendid.
Regal splendid; magnificent; of or pertaining to a royalty; royal.
Regnant prevalent; widespread; ruling.
Regular normal, usual or customary; even, symmetrical or orderly; constant; proper; thorough; nice.
Rejuvenescent becoming or become to rejuvenated; rejuvenating.
Relaxed easy-going; free from tension, anxiety and strain.
Relevant having a connection or bearing on with the matter at hand; current; pertinent.
Reliable trustworthy; worthy of reliance or dependence.
Relieved exhibiting or experiencing relief; reassured.
Remarkable worthy of notice or consideration; extraordinary; conspicuous; exceptional.
Remissive forgiving; remitting; abating.
Renowned celebrated, well-known or famous.
Reputable honorable; respected; praiseworthy; held in esteem.
Resilient characterized by the ability to recover readily from misfortune, depression, adversity and the like; rebounding; elastic.
Resolute firm; determined; unwavering; satisfied; sure.
Resolved explained; answered; determined; firm.
Resounding unmistakable; emphatic; celebrated; having a rich sound.
Resourceful having the ability to find clever and quick ways to overcome difficulties; effective and imaginative.
Respectable worthy of respect or high esteem; satisfactory; decent; large in quantity, amount, extent or degree.
Respectful exhibiting, showing or full of respect.
Resplendent splendid; brilliant; dazzling; colorful and shiny.
Responsible able to be depended upon or trusted; being a source; answerable.
Responsive answering; responding; replying; showing emotion.
Restful tranquil; restorative; peaceful; relaxed.
Restorative relating to restoration; having the power or tending to restore or give new life and vigor.
Retentive having the power, quality or capacity of retaining; good at remembering facts and impressions easily.
Revealing making known; showing; disclosing.
Revered profoundly honored or admired.
Reverent showing or feeling respect, reverence or veneration.
Revitalizing tending to impart vigor or new life to.
Revolutionary causing or involving a dramatic or complete change; fresh, extraordinarily good and surprising.
Rewardable worthy of reward or recompense.
Rewarding affording or constituting a reward; giving satisfaction or pleasure.



We have had a rewarding relationship, the belly and I. Sherwin B. Nuland TWEET THIS



Rhapsodic ecstatic; enthusiastic; delightful.


Rich characterized by abundance, fullness, fruitfulness or great quality; of great worth; productive; strong; intense; sumptuous; magnificent.
Right in accordance with reason, truth or fact; correct; most desirable; favorable or convenient; in good physical or mental health; appropriate, proper or fitting; straight; direct.
Righteous virtuous and morally upright; morally justified.
Rightful proper or right; upright; good; just; legally valid.
Risible provoking or arousing laughter; ludicrous; laughable.



No legacy is so rich as honesty. William Shakespeare TWEET THIS

Robust full of strength and health; sturdy; vigorous; sound.
Rollicking exuberantly amusing and lively.
Romantic expressive of or romance or love; imaginative or visionary.
Rooted firmly placed or implanted; still.
Rosy blooming; blushing; optimistic; cheerful.
Round whole; complete; large; considerable; plump; smooth (as lacking sharp angles); outspoken.
Rounded balanced; complete.
Rousing exciting; astounding; lively; vigorous.

Rugged sturdy; strong; well-built.
Ruling predominant; controlling.
Rutilant glowing, shining or glittering (especially with red light).


Have a remarkable and radiant day!


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