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Positive adjectives that start with Q "quality words"



Quadrate having four angles and sides; square; even; balanced; equal; exact; suited; correspondent; squared.
Quadruplicate raised to the fourth power; having four components or units; fourfold.
Quaint unusual, curious or fanciful in character; artful; attractively old-fashioned; cleverly made; wise.
Qualified having or showing appropriate or needed qualifications; fitted by accomplishments.
Qualitative relating to or involving descriptions, distinctions or comparisons based on qualities.
Qualitied endowed or fitted with qualities.
Quality having high or superior degree or grade in excellence; very well made; being of good worth; fit for purpose.



Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort. John Ruskin TWEET THIS



Quantifiable capable of being quantified or measured; measurable.
Queenly relating or appropriate to a queen; having or resembling the rank or status of queen; majestic; regal; distinguished (especially woman).
Quemeful merciful; kindly; pleasing; becoming; fit.
Quick moving rapidly or quickly; speedy; performed or accomplished with little or no delay; learning, understanding or thinking with speed; keen; witty; easily excited or aroused; alive; living.
Quick-sighted keenly perceptive; having acute ability to judge well.
Quick-witted mentally sharp, nimble and alert; keen.
Quiet unmoving and calm; tranquil; serene; soothing; restful.
Quietsome calm and still; undisturbed.
Quintessential purest; ultimate; most characteristic.
Quirky merry; tricky; unconventional.



I've always had a quirky way of looking at things. It's my coping mechanism. Sherri Shepherd TWEET THIS

Quiver active; nimble.
Quixotic absurdly chivalric; extravagantly romantic.
Quotable worthy or suitable for quoting.


Have a quaint and quintessential day!


ps. See also positive verbs starting with q and positive nouns starting with q.


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