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Cool words in English "30 uncommon words"



Cool words that can make you look wiser than Einstein and cooler than Kim Kardashian. Let's go.



Agastopia admiration or love of a particular part of someone’s body.


Candor freedom from bias or prejudice.


Cordate heart-shaped.


Dithyramb wildly passionate hymn, song, speech or piece of writing (especially in honor of gods, deities or heroes).


Draconic related to dragons (as in impressive, majestic).


Eon eternity or an indefinitely long or longest period of time.


Eucatastrophe a happy ending.


Factotum a person having many diverse skills or a jack of all trades.


Frisson a sudden strong feeling, sensation or moment of pleasurable excitement.


Gargalesthesia sensation commonly associated with tickling (especially in the area just below the rib cage).


Gramercy used to express gratitude or pleasant surprise.


Hypermnesia unusual power or elevated level of memory recall.


Intrinsic an essential or genuine quality.


Lalochezia emotional relief to relieve stress or pain by uttering swear words.


Latitude freedom from normal limitations, regulations or restrictions.


Macrosmatic relating to a good sense of smell.


Nudiustertian the day before yesterday.


Obambulate to walk about or wander.


obumbulate definition cool word 


Oeuvre a work of art or the sum of the lifework of an artist, composer or writer.


Opsimath one who begins to learn or study only in late in life.


Parhelion a bright spot appearing in the sky due the refraction of the Sun’s image by ice crystals (often on a luminous ring or halo).


Pauciloquent using or uttering few words when speaking.


Philtrum slight groove between the base of the nose and border of the upper lip.


Pogonotrophy the act of cultivating, grooming and growing a beard, mustache or other facial hair.


Quire a book, pamphlet or poem.


Telluric terrestrial.


Tittynope a small amount or quantity of anything that is left over.


Vespertine blooming, blossoming or opening in the evening.


Virago strong, muscular, large and courageous woman; a female warrior.


Winklepicker shoe with a narrow and long pointed toe at end.



Tadaa, congratz! Now you possess a super chill “cool words arsenal vocabulary”.


That's pretty fabulous and neat.


10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 2, 1, We have a lift off! Now it's your time to catapult these positive and cool words into the real world.


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