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Symbols of beauty "list of beauty symbols"

The list of beauty symbols aka symbols that are associated with beauty

In addition, you can see what other positive associations symbols have.



Animals associated with beauty


Butterfly Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
grace, hope, change, rebirth, resurrection, life.


Dolphin 🐬
music, salvation, resurrection and love.


Dove 🐦
love, gentleness, innocence and peace.


immortality, incorruptible soul.


Rabbit 🐰
luck, swiftness, fertility, pleasure, spring.


love, pleasure.


beauty, poetry and music.


Tiger 🐯
protection, passion, nobility, power, authority.


Beauty is not a destination, it's a journey. TWEET THIS


Plants and flowers that are associated with beauty

Flowers in general are often considered to be the symbols of beauty. For example, roses are often thought of as a symbol of love and affection, lilies are known for their symbolism of purity and innocence, orchids are often associated with beauty and romance, and daisies are often associated with happiness and good luck.


poetry, symbolic of splendid beauty or worth beyond beauty.


Apple (flower) 🍎
fertility, good fortune.


fascination, admiration.


Cherry blossom 🌸🍒
feminine beauty (especially in China).


purity, love (especially loyal love), respect, innocence, spring and joy.


faithfulness, happiness, love.




admiration, solitude, protection.


Hibiscus 🌺
delicate beauty, love.


intellectual beauty.


Lily (calla)




delicate beauty, sweetness.




love, joy, marriage.


exotic beauty, love, romance, refinement, thoughtfulness.


represents beauty in China.


Plum blossom 🌼
beauty and longetivity.


Rose (especially red) 🌹
happiness, love, respect, pleasure.


in China, the sway of willow leaves are said to represent the eyebrows of a beautiful woman.



Gems and minerals associated with beauty

Gems are generally - like flowers - seen as something which are beautiful and pleasant for you to look at. Could it be because of their lustre, sparkle, symmetry and transparency?

As a former student of geology I have a weak spot for gems and minerals :)


also known as a royal gem in China. Jade is associated with beauty, preciousness, purity, compassion, courage, nobility, goodness, wisdom, sound, justice, healing and protection


Gold 👑
is foremost seen as a symbol of Sun. Gold also represents beauty, elegance, light of the heaven, sophistication, quality, value, wealth, status, royalty, perfection, achievement and victory.


is seen as a symbol of beauty, moon and femininity because of its fine and shiny lustre. Pearl is also seen as symbol of perfection because of its spherical shape.


Seashell (scallop) 🐚
is a symbol of beauty, fertility, birth, love and is associated with mythological deity's like Aphrodite and Vishnu.



Other objects and symbols associated with beauty


union of spirit and matter, binding, protection.


Lady’s slipper


Lips (kiss) 💋
spirit of life, union, sensuality, sexuality, fertility.


reflection, honesty, purity, enlightenment.


Number 6 aka perfect number symbolizes beauty, completeness, luck and high ideals. Number six is also a number of Venus.

Number six is called as perfect number in mathematics because when all the numbers divisors – in this case 1+2+3 excluding the number itself – are added, the sum equals the number itself.


Red (color)
health, love, passion, gold, fire, roses.


Pillar (third)


Sky (heaven)


Star (especially the 8-pointed star of Venus) ✴






Wynn also known as wunjo rune ᚹ


Find the beauty in everything; And the world is yours to conquer. If you can find the beauty in everything; You'll be a superstar for sure. There's no limit to what you can do. So go out and find the beauty In every moment and every place. TWEET THIS

ps. Comment and let me know if you would like to see more posts about positive symbols. And if you know more symbols of beauty, let people know :)


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Sky Fall

More symbols!!! Please put more symbols. Maybe symbols of happiness or love or animals and what they represent. Please put symbols.

March 18, 2019 at 10:20am

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