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Positive verbs that start with S "Letter S action words"



Saint to venerate, name or recognize as a saint; canonize.
Salute to address or greet with an expression of respect, goodwill or welcome; to honor ceremoniously or formally; to express warm approval or commendation of.
Sanctify to make holy, sacred or consecrate; purify.
Sanction give official approval or permission for.
Satisfy to fulfill a desire, need or expectation of; to be adequate or sufficient; to ascertain.
Save to rescue or prevent from loss or harm; to store (especially for future use); to avoid spending too much.
Savvy to understand, comprehend or know.


Scintillate to shine or sparkle; flash.
Script to prepare for broadcasting or filming; to arrange, control or direct (as if supplying a script); to orchestrate.
Sculp to sculpture, carve or engrave.


Season add a feature or quality to anything so as to make it more exciting and lively; to cure; to become competent or usable.
Secure to protect from danger or loss; to make tight or firm; to get or confine; to bring about.
Seek to try to discover, locate or search; to inquire for; to go.
Seem to beseem; to befit.
Select to make a selection or choice.
Sense to comprehend; perceive.
Sentinel station a guard to keep watch.
Serve to provide goods or services; to conduce or contribute to; benefit, promote or be useful of beneficial to; to meet the requirements of.
Service perform services or service for; perform repair work or maintenance on.
Set lay, put or stand in a specified position or location; mount a precious stone in; provide or prepare; adjust; arrange.



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Shape to happen; to give a shape or form; adjust; to imagine.
Share enjoy, use or possess something with others.
Shelter to provide protection or cover.
Shine be eminent or distinguished; experience or feel happiness or well-being; to be effulgent in beauty or splendor; to give or emit light; to gleam.
Show to reveal or display; to guide or conduct; to demonstrate; to indicate; bestow.


Sight to look carefully or perceive.
Simplify make something easier to do, understand or simpler.
Sinew to make strong with.
Sire to procreate; to father; beget.
Sister to be sister or as if sister. 
Size to classify, arrange or distribute according to size; to increase in size.
Sizzle be very passionate, dazzling or exciting.


Skill to know or understand; to make a difference.
Skylark to play boisterously and actively; to pass time by playing practical jokes and tricks; frolic.


Sleek to make glossy or smooth; to polish.
Slick to make glossy, smooth or oily; to make tidy, trim or neat.


Smack  to kiss (especially so that it can be heard); to suggest.
Smile to express or look with approval or favor; to express kindness, amusement, pleasure, love and the like.
Smooth to soothe; to make or become smooth; refine; free from difficulties or obstructions.


Snap sparkle; to move smartly and swiftly.
Snug to secure; to nestle or snuggle.
Snuggle to cuddle; hug; nestle.


Soar to fly, glide or rise high; to climb swiftly; to rise in spirits, imagination or thought.
Socialize take part in social activities or interact with others; to be friendly.
Soothe to placate or calm; to relieve, ease or comfort; soften; verify.
Sophisticate to make more refined, better or complex.
Soup up to increase the appeal, efficiency, performance or power.


Spark to set in motion or activate; spur; ignite; to court.
Sparkle to glitter; to reflect or give off flashes of light; to be brilliant or showy in performance.
Speed hasten; accelerate; to move quickly; to promote, further or expedite; prosper.
Spell to relieve someone from work; signify; to tell; to teach; to relate; to measure; to constitute.
Spice to make more flavorful, exciting or interesting.
Spirit to impart determination or courage to.
Sponsor to act as a sponsor; to promote.
Sport to joke; trifle; play; frolic; show off or display.
Spot recognize, notice or see; detect; to place or situate.
Sprout to grow; emerge.
Spruce to make oneself neat, trim and smart in appearance; tidy up.


Square to settle; balance; agree; conform; to bring into a better relation or position.
Squire to escort; attend as a gallant or squire (especially for an aid or protection).


Stable to fix; establish.
Star to award with a star for excellence; to feature or present in a leading role (especially as an actor); to do or perform excellently.
State express something clearly or definitely in writing or speech; to establish; settle.
Steady to stabilize something or become steady.
Steward to act or serve as a steward or caretaker.
Stimulate to encourage or excite to action; to increase the activity of a body, mind or system; cause to be energetic and alert.
Stir to excite strong feelings; rouse; happen; change position slightly; to move; mix together.
Strike to come upon; discover; shine on; impress; attain; achieve.
Strive to try to achieve a result or to make effort earnestly and persistently.
Stun astonish. 
Style to give or create fashion, image or style; to arrange hair in a particular way by coloring, cutting or curling; to name or call.


Sublime to exalt, improve, dignify or purify.
Succeed to accomplish something intended or desired; to come after in order or time.
Suffice be enough, sufficient or adequate; to satisfy; to content.
Sugar to sweeten; to make more agreeable, appealing or tasty.
Suit to be acceptable or suitable; to satisfy or please; fit; befit.
Supple to become or make supple or flexible.
Supply to make available or provide; keep full or fill up; satisfy.
Support to maintain, provide or aid; strengthen.
Surpass be greater in scope, degree, quality and the like; to outdo; to exceed; to excel.
Surprise to feel or cause astonishment, amazement or wonder as at something unexpected; to discover or encounter suddenly.
Sustain to maintain or keep up; to aid, relieve or comfort; to nourish; to prove or confirm.


Swank swagger.
Sway to have influence; to govern.
Sweeten to make sweeter or sweet; to make more pleasant; to soothe or soften; alleviate.
Swell to rise, increase, expand or grow.


Sympathize to express or feel compassion; to agree; correspond.


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