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Positive verbs that start with R "Letter R action words"



Race to run, drive, move or transport swiftly and at high speed; to work as quickly as possible (especially towards a goal).
Radiate to emit light (especially as if in rays); to illuminate; experience or showing a feeling of happiness and/or well-being.
Rapture to experience or transport with excitement or happiness.
Ravish to transport with delight or joy; bring into a state of ecstasy.



A compassionate heart radiates rays of beauty that remove the clouds of million hearts. Amit Ray TWEET THIS



Reach to be extensive in effect or influence; to succeed in achieving; extend or attain to; get as far as or arrive; hand, give or pass something to someone.
Read to study, examine and grasp the meaning of; to consider (something written) as having particular significance or meaning; to comprehend or receive.
Ready make ready or suitable.
Reason to conclude or determine by logical thinking.
Reassure restore or give confidence in; to reinsure.
Receive to acquire or take; to see or hear; to welcome or greet; accept as valid or true.
Reciprocate to take or give mutually; to give, show or feel in response or return; to be complementary.
Recognize to identify or know from past experience; to show acceptance of the validity or reality of; approve.
Recommend to make acceptable or attractive; to counsel or advise; to commend or praise; give or express a good opinion of; entrust.
Refine to purify; to polish; to improve or make better.
Refresh to revive, replenish, restore, renew or revitalize.
Regard  to consider or look upon in a particular way; to respect or hold in esteem; pay attention.
Rejoice to feel or give delight, joy or gladness; to enjoy.
Rejuvenate to restore to a new or original condition; give or get new energy or life; make more youthful.
Relax to make or become less anxious, tense, strict or severe; to alleviate or relieve from strain, stress or tension; to calm down.
Release to set free from restraint or confinement; let go; to relieve; to make available or known.
Relieve to free from anxiety, distress, pain or ones obligations; to cause alleviation of.
Relish to take zestful or keen pleasure in; to give flavor or spice to.
Remedy to cure or relieve.
Renew to make new; restore; to replenish; reestablish; revive; to repeat.
Renovate to renew, restore or revive.
Represent to stand for; to describe; to act or serving as a spokesperson for.
Resolve to make a right or firm decision about; solve.
Resound to become celebrated, famous or extolled; to praise or celebrate.
Respect regard highly or think much of; to regard or consider worthy of esteem; to relate to.
Rest to be at ease or peace; to rely or depend; to be located or be in a some place; to be directed or fixed on something.
Restore to bring back to its former condition or state; to renew; to reestablish; to make good.
Result follow or come about as a consequence; issue.
Reveal to make known; to uncover; to show.
Revere feel deep admiration or respect for.
Reverence to show, consider or treat with profound respect and awe.
Revitalize restore strength; give vigor or new life to.
Reward to gratify or satisfy; to give reward for or to.


Rig to provide with equipment or harness; to secure or connect to; to adorn, clothe or dress.
Ripen to become or make ripe or mature; to bring or develop to desirable or perfect state.
Rise get up; move upward; come into existence; increase in quantity, volume, price, value and the like.



We rise by lifting others. Robert Ingersoll TWEET THIS



Roll to move forward; to travel around.
Rollick behave or act in an exuberant and jovial fashion.
Romance  to behave or think in a romantic manner; to tell, write or invent romances; to woo.
Rose to flush or redden; make rosy.
Rouse to excite or awaken; to become or make more active; to start up, rise or get.


Run to go quickly or move; to take part in contest or race; to perform or conduct.
Run-after pursue or seek persistently.


ps. See also positive adjectives starting with r and positive nouns starting with r.


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