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Positive nouns that start with R "Letter R naming words"


Radiant the luminous object from which light emanates.

Rain-maker one who creates a significant amount of income or new business to a company.

Rapture ecstasy; extreme happiness, excitement or pleasure.

Rational one who is rational and sane.


Ready the state of being ready; money.

Real that which is real; a reality; a realist.

Reason good judgment; the capacity for rational, analytical and logical thought.

Receiver one who receives something.

Reception the process or act of receiving or of being received; a greeting; welcome or acceptance.

Reciprocal something which is reciprocal to something else.

Recuperation recovery as of something lost (especially health or strength).

Regulator one who regulates.

Rejoicing an act of showing joy and happiness.

Rejuvenation the act or state of being rejuvenated.

Release liberation as from restraint, suffering or confinement.

Relief the easing of an anxiety, burden, distress or pain; a feeling of relaxation fillowing release from anxiety, distress or pain; public assistance; an amusing or pleasant change; the state of being clearly visible.

Reliever one that relieves or gives relief.

Renovation the process or act of renovating, renewing or restoring.

Reputation value; account; the state of being held in high honor or esteem.

Resource something that can be used for help or support; an available supply.

Respect the act of showing appreciation or high regard; a feeling of deep admiration for something or someone that is good, important, valuable etc.; the state of being regarded with esteem or honor; polite greeting or expression of consideration.

Restoration the act of bringing back or restoring to a former condition or place; that which is renewed or restored.

Result a concrete or favorable effect or outcome.

Reverence he act of showing or feeling respect; veneration.

Reward profit; a satisfying or worthy result or return of one’s labor or works; respect; regard.


Rhapsody excessively or exalted enthusiastic expression of feeling in writing or speech; ecstasy; bliss.


Rich a person or group who is wealthy.

Right that which is proper, fitting, legal or morally good.

Right-hand man the most trusted or helpful assistant.

Rise the act of rising; a beginning or origin; an increase in quantity, degree, price, value or worth.


Roll the act of rolling.

Romantic an amorous idealist. 

Romeo a man who is devoted to the pursuit of love.

Rooter one who applauds or roots; an enthusiastic devotee.

Rose that which is marked by success, favor or ease of execution; full bloom or flush (figuratively speaking); a flower or plant of the rose family.

Round a complete succession, course or series; a cheering or applause; a group or assembly of people.

Rouse a festival; carousal; arousal.


Ruler one who rules or governs.

Ruling the act of ruling or governing.

Run the act of running; a tendency or trend; unrestricted use or freedom.

Runner one who delivers messages or documents; a manager or operator.



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