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Positive nouns that start with S "Letter S naming Words"


Sage a profoundly wise man.
Saint one who is extremely virtuous and has positive qualities.
Salient a projecting part or angle.
Salubrity the quality of being invigorating or salubrious; healthfulness.
Salute the act of friendly greeting or welcome.
Sanctity saintliness; sacredness; solemnity; godliness; inviolability.
Sanctuary a place of safety, protection or refuge; a sacred place.
Santa Claus a mythological figure who bring presents and goodwill (especially for children).
Satisfaction the gratification or fulfillment of a need, desire or appetite; the source of gratification.
Savant a scholar or learned person.
Saver one who saves, rescues or preserves.
Savior one who saves, rescues, preserves or delivers from harm or loss.
Savory an aromatic, spicy or tasty dish.
Savvy cleverness; comprehension; practical.

Scholar a learned person, specialist or student.
Scholarship the qualities and character or a scholar; education; instruction.
Science knowledge or principles of causes and ascertained facts.
Scion a descendant; heir; guardian.
Script the text of movie, play or broadcast; a writing; a writing style that imitates handwriting.
Scripter one who writes the dialogue for a story.
Sculptor one who molds or shapes.

Seeker one who seeks or searches.
Select one that is chosen in preference of special value or to others.
Self-acceptance an acceptance of yourself.
Self-belief self-confidence; self-worth.
Self-confidence the state or quality of being self-confident; self-reliance.
Self-discipline the ability of controlling yourself (especially in personal improvement in mind).
Self-esteem self-respect; confidence in one’s own abilities or worth.
Self-help the practice or act of helping or improving oneself without assistance from others.
Self-starter one who shows initiative and resourcefulness.
Sensation a state or cause of excitement or interest.
Sense a natural ability or appreciation; sound judgment; consciousness; understanding.
Sensibility the ability to perceive, feel or sense; a keen or intellectual awareness; sensation.
Sentiment romantic or tender feeling.
Sentinel a guard; watch.
Serendipity the happy or good luck in making fortunate or unexpected discoveries.
Serene calmness; clearness; serenity.
Serenity calmness; peacefulness; clearness.
Server one or that which gives, serves or is used in serving.
Set the process or act of setting; a collection of things or persons.
Settling the act of one who or that which settles or establishes.

Shape the condition or status of something; a form; a model.
Share a portion belonging to or distributed to by a group or person.
Sharp an expert.
Sharpy an energetic and alert person.
Shaver a young boy.
Shelter a haven; a protection; a defender or guardian.
Shine radiance; brightness; excellence in appearance or quality; splendor.
Show striking display or appearance; a spectacle; a demonstration.

Sight something worth seeing; a view; a great quantity, number or sum.
Significance the quality or state of being significant; importance.
Significant something that is important, notable or meaningful.
Simplicity the condition or quality if being easy to do or understand; something which is plain or natural.
Sinew strength, power; muscle.
Sir a man of higher position or rank; a lord; a master; a gentleman.
Sire a gentleman; a lord; a master; a goodman; an ancestor; a progenitor.
Sister a fellow woman; a close woman companion or friend; a female who has the same parents or parent with another person.
Size a large magnitude; bigness; bulk.

Skill the ability to do something very well; expertise; knowledge.
Skipper a leader, coach or director; the captain or master or a ship; a dancer.

Sleek that which makes glossy or smooth.
Slick smoothness.

Smash success.
Smile a kind, pleased or amused facial expression.
Smooth the act of smoothing; something which is easy or smooth.
Smoothie one who is winningly polished in manners; drink made with pureed fresh fruits or berries and yogurt, milk or juice.

Snap liveliness; briskness; energy; decision; anything that is easy to do.
Snuggle an affectionate and close embrace.

Soar the act of flying or rising into the air.
Sociable a social gathering.
Social a social gathering.
Socializer one who takes part in social activities.
Sol the sun; the sun goddess.
Solid a favor.
Sophisticate one with much worldly knowledge and experience.
Soul the embodiment or essence of a specified quality; emotional or intellectual energy, intensity or quality; energy; courage; spirit; affection.
Sovereign one who is not subject to a ruler or authority; noble person.

Spark a flash of light or a shining object or body; a feeling or quality with latent potential; an activating, animating or vital factor; lover; gallant.
Sparkling appearance or act of something sparkly; a gleam.
Special something arranged or appropriated to a particular occasion, event or service.
Specialist one who is an expert in something.
Spectacle something remarkable or impressive (especially an event, show or performance).
Spectacular an elaborate or spectacular display.
Speed swiftness or rapidity of action; luck; success; prosperity.
Spell fascination; charm; a shift; a story or tale; a gratuitous helping of others work.
Spice something that adds flavor or zest; a perfume.
Spirit enthusiasm; energy; mental assertiveness or firmness; a supernatural being; the style, manner or quality of something; prevailing tendency or tone.
Spiritual a spiritual thing or person.
Splendor luster; brilliance; grandeur; glory; fame.
Sponsor one who supports something.
Sport one who lives an extravagant and jolly life; pleasant and friendly companion; lovemaking; recreation; any athletic activity.
Sportsmanship the practice or behavior in playing sports (especially good and fair).
Spot location; point of interest; spotlight; a brief advertisement segment on television; the act of noticing something.
Sprite a spirit; soul; fairy; frame of mind; mood; humor.
Sprout a newly grown plant; child. 

Squire a gallant; gentleman; a shield-bearer.

Stalwart one who is physically or morally strong.
Standard a criterion; something that is widely recognized (especially because of its excellence).
Star one who is highly celebrated; something that resembles a star; destiny; future.
State-of-the-art the highest level of quality, knowledge or development achieved in a science, technique and the like at the present time.
State condition; quality; rank; condition of grandeur, prosperity or dignity; estate; person of high rank; a statement.
Steady one who is loved by another person; the person whom one dates exclusively and regularly.
Steward person who manages another’s finances or other affairs.
Stipend a fixed regular sum paid as an allowance or salary.
Stipendiary one who receivers a stipend.
Stir an excited reaction or feeling; slight movement.
Stirring movement; motion; effort; activity.
Strategist one who is expert or skilled in strategy.
Strategy a well-made plan of action to accomplish a specific goal.
Stripling an adolescent youth; juvenile.
Stripper a person who dances or acts in a seductive manner and gradually removes their clothing piece by piece.
an effort.
Student a person who is studying, learning or taking interest in a particular subject.
Style a way of doing things (especially in fashion); an elegant and comfortable mode of existence; vogue.
Stylist a designer or artist (especially in fashion).

Sublime something sublime; lofty or grand in writing or speaking.
Substance essence; gist; considerable resources or wealth; heart; the most important part of something.
Success the achievement of something attempted, planned or desired; succession.
Successor one that or who which succeeds or follows.
Sufficiency the quality or condition of being sufficient or adequate.
Sugar sweetheart (especially used as a term of endearment).
Suitor a prospective buyer of a corporation or business; a man who pursues a relationship with a woman (especially marriage in mind).
Summary a brief account or statement of the main points.
Super something superior in quality, degree or size.
Superintendent one who has the authority to supervise, administer or direct.
Superior something that surpasses another in anything.
Superlative something of the highest possible.
Superman a person with seemingly or extraordinary powers and abilities.
Supervisor one who supervises or oversees.
Superwoman see SUPERMAN.
Supplier one who or that which provides or supplies.
Supply the act of providing, supplying or offering something.
Support the act of supporting, promoting, providing or helping.
Surety a certainty; security; something beyond doubt or clearly established.
Surprise a sudden unanticipated event.
Survivor one who outlives or survives any event, thing, time and the like; winner (especially in competition).

Swain a knight’s servant (especially young boy); a squire; a sweetheart or lover.
Sweetheart one who is liked or loved very much.
Sweetness the condition or quality of being sweet; kindness.
Swell one who is dressed in an elegant, stylish or fancy manner; gradual increase.

Sympathy an inclination to support or to agree with an opinion; a relation of harmony or affinity between people.
Synergy benefiting combined action.
System an organized set of interrelated principles or ideas.


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