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Positive nouns that start with X "Letter X naming Words"

List of positive nouns that start with x and with definitions.


Positive nouns starting with x

used in message or letter to symbolize a kiss.

Xenagogue a guide.
Xenium a present given to a guest or foreign ambassador.
Xenodocheionology the lore of inns and hotels; the love or study of hotels.
Xenoglossia an ability to speak a language with which they are unfamiliar (especially claimed by clairvoyants, mediums etc,). 
Xenophile one who is very attracted or interested to that which is foreign.
Xenophilia an attraction, interest or love of that which is foreign.
Xesturgy act of polishing (especially with stones).

Xfactor a quality, circumstance or person that has a strong but unpredictable or hidden influence.


Xoanon an ancient wooden statue (especially a wooden cult sculpture image of Ancient Greece).


Xystus a long and open portico within the gymnasium (especially in Ancient Greece).


ps. See also positive adjectives starting with x and positive verbs starting with x.


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