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Positive nouns that start with Z "Letter Z naming Words"

List of positive nouns starting with Z

Zaddik: in Jewish tradition, a righteous and holy person who possesses extraordinary wisdom and insight.
Example: Many people turn to the zaddik for spiritual guidance and enlightenment.

Zaniness the condition or state of being peculiar, unconventional, ludicrously comical or clownish; a comical person given to outlandish or extravagant behavior.

Zarf an ornamental holder for a coffee-cup (usually meade of metal).


Zeal a zealot; a feeling of strong willingness or eagerness; enthusiastic devotion to an ideal, goal or cause; passionate in the pursuit of anything.

Zegedine silvery drinking-cup.

Zephyr: gentle, mild breeze; a soft wind.
Example: The zephyr carried the scent of blooming flowers across the field.

Zest enthusiastic and vigorous enjoyment; interest; flavor.


Zibeline a soft lustrous fabric or fur (usually wool).

Zing vitality; zest; the activeness of one who is energetic.

Zinger: a striking or surprising comment, remark, or joke.
Example: His zinger caught everyone off guard and made the whole room burst into laughter.

Zookeeper one who attends and takes care of animals (especially in a zoo).
Example: The zookeeper spent all day feeding and cleaning the animals in their care.



ps. See also positive adjectives starting with z and positive verbs starting with z.


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