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Positive adjectives that start with Y "Descriptive Words"

Looking to elevate your writing or expand your vocabulary with standout positive adjectives beginning with Y?


Yummy list of positive adjectives starting with Y

Unearth some lesser-known positive Y adjectives that can add impact and creativity to your work and make your vocabulary more yummy! Positive words from yare to youthful.

Yare: lively; eager; keen; agile; dexterous; ready; prepared.
Year-round: present, active, continuing, happening or throughout the year.
Yeasty: full of vitality or spirited enjoyment.
Yellow: of the color that is intermediate between green and orange in the color spectrum.
Yern: brisk; active; quick; eager.
Young: fresh; vigorous; youthful; in the early part of life, growth, development, stage or state.



The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age. Lucille Ball TWEET THIS



Young-at-Heart: having a youthful or fresh spirit not depended of one’s age; act in a way like younger person does.
Youthful: characterized by youth; seemingly young; fresh; vigorous as in youth; early in time.
Yummy: delicious; extremely tasty and pleasing to the sense of taste; very attractive or pleasing.


It takes a long time to become young. Pablo Picasso TWEET THIS

Have a youthful and yummy day!

ps. Take also look of positive verbs starting with y and positive nouns starting with y.


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