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Synonyms for persistence, endurance and durability


List of words to describe endurance and durability "enduring words"

Use these adamant and enduring words to make your vocabulary more resilient and solid!


Persistence and endurance words starting with a 

Abiding: continuing or lasting for a long time; enduring.
Adamant: refusing to be persuaded or to change one's mind; unyielding.
Adamantine: (literally) made of or resembling the hard, unbreakable substance called adamant; (figuratively) unyielding, impervious to hardship or difficulty
Assiduous: showing great care, attention, and effort; diligent, attentive, hardworking.


Persistence and endurance words starting with b

Bearing: the way in which someone conducts themselves, or the direction or path taken by something in motion.
Bulletproof: designed to be impervious to bullets or to withstand heavy blows or questioning; able to withstand criticism or attacks.


Persistence and endurance words starting with c

Constant: steady and unchanging; occurring continuously over a period of time; without variation or variation within acceptable limits.
Continuous: occurring without interruption or break; happening or existing without a pause or gap.


Persistence and endurance words starting with d 

Determined: having a strong will or decided purpose; resolute; driven to accomplish something despite difficulty or opposition.
Diligent: characterized by consistent and steady effort; hardworking and thorough; persistent.
Dogged: showing persistent effort, determination, and tenacity; refusing to give up or back down; resolute.
Durable: able to last for a long time without becoming damaged, broken, or worn out; sturdy and able to withstand wear and tear.


Persistence and endurance words starting with e 

Endless: having no end or limit; infinite; continuing indefinitely.
Enduring: able to withstand hardship, time or wear; lasting; continuing.
Eternal: having no beginning or end; without a limit in time; everlasting.
Everlasting: lasting forever; without end or beginning; eternal


The men who learn endurance, are they who call the whole world, brother. - Charles Dickens TWEET THIS


Persistence and endurance words starting with f

Firm: having a solid, strong, or secure base; unyielding or steadfast in one's convictions or actions.
Fixed: firmly established or placed; not moving or changing; unchanging or permanent.
Forbearing: patient and restrained in response to provocation; tolerant; able to endure difficulties without becoming angry or upset.
Fortitudinous: possessing or displaying courage or determination in the face of adversity; marked by enduring strength and resilience in the face of difficulties.


Persistence and endurance words starting with g 

Gritty: showing courage and resolution in the face of difficult circumstances.
Gutsy:  brave, determined, and confident; showing courage and fearlessness in the face of danger or adversity.


Persistence and endurance words starting with h 

Hard: solid and firm; difficult to bend or break; showing strong determination or resolve.
Hard-wearing: able to withstand a lot of wear or use without being damaged or losing effectiveness; durable.
Hardened: made hard or tough by experiences or circumstances; no longer easily affected or changed by emotions.
Healthy: in good physical or mental condition; characterized by good health.
Heavy-duty: designed to withstand hard use or harsh conditions; able to handle heavy loads or perform difficult tasks without breaking or failing.


Persistence and endurance words starting with i

Immovable: unable to be moved or changed; fixed in position or attitude.
Immutable: unchangeable; not subject to change or variation.
Imperishable: not subject to decay or deterioration; enduring; indestructible.
Indefatigable: persisting tirelessly; untiring; showing sustained and energetic effort.
Indestructible: impossible to destroy or break; enduring; unbreakable.
Infrangible: unable to be broken or separated; unyielding; inviolable.


Persistence and endurance words starting with l

Lasting: continuing or enduring for a long time; staying in existence or use for a considerable period.
Long: extending for a considerable distance or duration.
Long-lasting: persisting for a long time; enduring, permanent or continuing for an extended period or length of time.
Longevous: having a long life, or characterized by long life; also, of or relating to longevity.


Persistence and endurance words starting with m

Mettlesome: full of vigor and stamina; spirited, courageous or plucky.


Persistence and endurance words starting with n

Never-ending: persisting indefinitely or seemingly without end; continuous and unending.


Persistence and endurance words starting with p

Patient: having the ability to endure or tolerate waiting, delay, or provocation without becoming annoyed or anxious; being willing to wait calmly in the face of difficulty or frustration.
Perennial: continuing or ongoing, particularly in reference to plants that survive for many years or return year after year; also, enduring or recurring over a long period of time.
Permanent: constant and unchanging, especially over a long period of time; not subject to modification or alteration.
Perpetual: continuing or enduring forever without interruption or cessation; lasting indefinitely.
Perseverant: resolutely persistent, particularly in the face of difficulties or obstacles: showing tenacity, determination and a strong will to succeed.
Persevering: continuing to persist or endure despite obstacles, setbacks, or challenges: showing perseverance and determination.
Persistent: continuing to exist or endure over a long period of time, particularly in reference to a problem, issue or behavior; not giving up or fading away easily.


Persistence and endurance words starting with r

Reliable: able to be trusted to do or provide what is needed; consistently good in quality or performance; deserving of reliance or confidence.
Resilient: able to recover quickly from difficult conditions or situations; able to spring back to an original state or shape after being stretched, bent or compressed.
Resistant: having the ability to withstand the action or effect of something; able to resist or oppose a particular influence, substance or process.
Resolute: determined, unwavering, and firmly resolved; not deterred in purpose or effort; characterized by steadfastness and determination.
Robust: strong, healthy, and vigorous; possessing toughness, endurance, and resilience; capable of withstanding stress, strain or harsh conditions.


Persistence and endurance words starting with s

Sedulous: diligent and persistent in one's efforts; hardworking and dedicated.
Shatterproof: resistant to being broken or shattered; able to withstand impact or trauma.
Solid: firm and stable in form, shape or consistency; strong and durable.
Sound: free from defects, flaws, or damage; producing a clear and distinct impression or result; reliable and trustworthy.
Stable: steady, secure, and unchanging in nature; firmly fixed or established; not likely to give way, fall or collapse.
Stalwart: loyal, reliable and strongly committed to a cause or principle; brave, resolute and determined.
Staminal: possessing physical or mental stamina; showing strength and endurance; having the ability to sustain prolonged effort or activity.
Standing: erect or upright in position; not lying down or sitting; enduring or remaining in existence over time.
Staunch: firmly committed and steadfast in loyalty or principle; strong, determined and resolute.
Steadfast: unwavering and firm in purpose, loyalty, or resolve; committed and faithful even in the face of adversity.
Stiff: rigid, firm, and inflexible in structure, position, or attitude; difficult to bend or move; lacking suppleness or flexibility.
Stoical: enduring pain, hardship, or adversity with calmness, composure, and fortitude; showing indifference to pleasure or pain.
Stout: bulky, strong, and thick; having a sturdy build and robust physical constitution.
Strong: having great physical or mental power and capacity; able to withstand strain, stress or pressure; potent, forceful, or effective.
Strong-willed: determined and resolute in one's decisions, opinions or actions; not easily swayed or influenced by others.
Sturdy: strongly and solidly built; physically robust and resistant to damage or wear.
Substantive: having a firm basis in reality or fact; significant, meaningful, and substantial in nature or content.
Sustained: continuing over time without interruption or wavering; maintained at a steady level or intensity.


Persistence and endurance words starting with t

Tenacious: tending to keep a firm hold of something; persistent or stubborn; not easily disheartened or discouraged.
Tireless: having or showing great energy or effort; hard-working; never giving up or giving in.
Tolerant: able to endure or withstand difficult conditions or treatment.
Tough: strong and resilient; able to withstand hardship or strain; able to compete successfully; difficult to deal with or overcome; demonstrating confidence and determination under pressure.


Persistence and endurance words starting with u 

Unbending: firm and resolute; not giving way under pressure; inflexible.
Unbreakable: unable to be broken or damaged; indestructible; sturdy.
Unchangeable: not subject to change or alteration; unalterable; not able to be changed.
Unfaltering: steadfast and resolute; not faltering or wavering; unwavering.
Unshakeable: unwavering and resolute; not able to be shaken or disturbed; firm and steadfast.
Unwavering: remaining steadfast and resolute; not changing or wavering; firm and resolute.
Unyielding: refusing to give way; stubborn; not flexible or pliant; inflexible.


Persistence and endurance words starting with v

Vigorous: full of energy or vitality; strong and healthy; characterized by physical or mental strength and activity.
Vital: necessary to the continuation of life; essential; of great importance or relevance.


What is the difference between persistence and perseverance

The main difference between persistence and perseverance is the context in which they are used. Persistence is the quality of stubbornly or resolutely continuing something despite difficulties or opposition. It refers to the act of pursuing a course of action with the same energy and consistency. On the other hand, perseverance means surviving the toughest conditions and coming out better on the other side. It emphasizes achieving a goal and pushing through until it is achieved.

You can see persistence as continuing forward despite an annoyance and perseverance is continuing forward despite the hardships. Therefore, you could say that while both persistence and perseverance involve continuing forward despite obstacles, persistence refers to continuing something with energy and consistency, while perseverance involves surviving tough conditions to achieve a goal.


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