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Positive verbs that start with T "Letter T action words"



Target to direct toward or design for a specific audience or object; select as an object of attention.
Taste to have enjoyment or experience; to have a specified flavor; to eat and/or drink a small quantity; to distinguish or recognize flavors in the mouth.


Teach to impart or provide knowledge or skill to; to instruct; to show.
Team to join together or harness; to form an alliance, association or team.
Teem to be full or overflowing; to abound; to pour.
Tender to make delicate or tender; to offer (especially payment).


Thank to express gratitude or appreciation to; to credit.
Think to formulate or reason in the mind; to reflect on or ponder; to believe; to expect or hope; to remember or call to mind; to imagine or visualize; to concentrate or focus one’s thoughts on.
Thrill excite greatly; to give great pleasure, enjoyment or delight.
Thrive prosper; flourish; make steady progress; grow vigorously or abundantly.


Tidy to put in order or to make neat.
Titillate to excite or touch pleasurably; to tickle.
Title to entitle.
Titter give a half-suppressed and short laugh; giggle.


Toast to drink to the honor or health of; to drink or propose a toast; to lightly grill or cook; to warm thoroughly (especially as before a fire).
Top to surpass or exceed; to reach the top or make a finish.
Tot to total or sum.
Total to add up; amount to.
Touch come or be into contact with; to reach; to prove; to make an impression on; to perform.
Tout to praise or promote energetically; publicize; advertise with positivism; show off.


Train to improve, teach or practice.
Transcend go or be beyond limits or range of; surpass; excel.
Travel to proceed or advance; to move along; journey.
Treasure to regard or keep as precious; to store or accumulate.
Trim to adjust or fine tune; to make tidy or neat; to decorate or ornament.
Triumph to be successful or victorious; win; to rejoice; exult.
True to make accurate or even.
Trust to be confident and hopeful; to believe; to have confidence or faith.
Trustee to serve or function as a trustee.
Try to make an effort; to accomplish; strive; to smooth, align or fit.



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Tune to adjust; to make better or more precise.
Tutor to teach or instruct.
Twinkle to shine flickering and glimmering light; to be sparkling or bright (especially with delight); to move about gracefully back and forth.


ps. See also positive adjectives starting with t and positive nouns starting with t.


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