Printable To Do List To Get Organized | 3 Sheet Set

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Printable To Do List Daily, Weekly and Monthly | PDF A4

Get organized and get your life back. Use these deluxe printable to-do list sheets to track and achieve your goals and tasks.

All To Do List sheets are black and white for your convenience...

Because it's elegant, clean'n'neat, straight to the point and without distractions... Plus, not all have an enjoyment of owning a color printer.


Daily To Do List | Planner Sheet

Keep track of your daily tasks easily. Daily to do list is great way to get tasks out of your head. "Brain dump" your thoughts into paper and become worry free. Now you have all written down neatly and you can take little bit more easy.

If you find yourself being stressed out, then try brain dumbing all your thoughts into the daily to do list - you might be surprised how effective it is.

The Daily Sheet:

  •  22 rows for tasks.
  •  Measure how important the task is (for example use the scale 1-10 or very easy to very hard).
  •  Use the time column to keep track of your time. For example: When you are filling out tasks, put an estimated time beside it and after you have accomplished the task add the actual time it took.


Weekly To Do List | Planner Sheet

Get a better picture of your weekly goals with Weekly To Do List Planner.

The Weekly Sheet:

  •  12 To Do Rows with check mark circle
  •  Write what is most important task into Week Focus box


Monthly To Do List | Planner Sheet

See the bigger picture  of your life and goals with the Monthly To Do List Planner.

The Monthly Sheet:

  •  35 daily boxes. Use the extra boxes for note-taking, doodling or maybe even write what you are grateful for.
  •  Use the "Goal of Week" to remind you what is the most important task for the that particular week. This helps you to be more focused so you have a higher success to achieve your main goal.


To Do Lists help millions of people to get control of their lives. Stop trying to remember all, because it's impossible, eats energy and causes stress. Take off all this unnecessary pressure and...

Get Printable To Do List and say good bye to chaos and welcome the peace of mind.

Note! This is a digital file that contains 3 printable PDF sheets and no physical item is shipped.

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