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Sukihana Music Video: Supreme Playlist & Visual Experience

Sukihana is a popular and highly esteemed African-American female rapper, actress, TV celebrity, model and social media influencer from Wilmington, Delaware.

Sukihana has built her brand around being sexually liberated and unapologetically confident, as shown through her provocative lyrics and social media presence. The Atlanta rapper is part of a growing group of talented and beautiful female rappers promoting female empowerment through risque visuals, sexually explicit lyrics, and overt displays of sexuality.

Sukihana's popularity on social media has translated into financial success as one of the top earners on OnlyFans. She stopped doing OnlyFans in 2020 after she generated enough income to fund her rap career and take care of her family.


Best Music Videos by Sukihana | Must See Hits

Listen and check out the best hip hop Sukihana videos and her collaborations with other artists like O.T. Genasis, Dino BTW, Saucy Santana and Million.


Selling Coochie featuring OJ Da Juiceman (2024)

Sukihanas "Selling Coochie" grabbed attention with its in-your-face title. Within just one week of its release, the "Selling Coochie" music video exploded in popularity, racking up over 1.1 million views on YouTube making it Sukihanas most successful song. In a testament to its viral success, "Selling Coochie" outperformed the debut music video views of rap superstar Meek Mill's single release that same week on YouTube.

The track's confidence and charisma resonated with audiences looking to let loose and embrace their sexuality. Contrary to expectations for such a boldly-titled track, the response from listeners has been overwhelmingly positive and supportive. The positive reception to "Selling Coochie" proved that Sukihana's audience was ready to embrace her sex-positive, risqué vision and forward-thinking approach to female sexuality. Despite its explicit content, "Selling Coochie" managed to become an unofficial spring break anthem for women. 

The video itself is bold, in-your-face cinematography seamlessly matched the unfiltered, brash tone and lyrics of the song itself through its raw, uncensored visual aesthetics. The video features a few discrete cameo appearances from notable entertainers and personalities, adding an extra layer of intrigue for eagle-eyed viewers.

"Selling Coochie" was published on Youtube March 6th 2024 and the music video was directed by Tronix Network



5 Foot (extended version) by Sukihana (2023)

New freestyle and extended version of '5 Foot' music video by Sukihana was released and published on Youtube Jul 29, 2023.




Eating by Sukihana (2023)

The song 'Eating' by Sukihana was produce by CP Hollywood and shot by Charm3r in 2023.

Best Sukihana music videos in release order by year (newest to oldest).

sukihana music videos


Get Low Freestyle by Sukihana (2022)

Get Low freestyle by Sukihana music video was released in May 2022. Video was shot and directed by Legendary Visions.




Like a Stripper by Sukihana x Million (2022)

Like a Stripper music video was released in July 2022 by Young and Talented Music Group featuring Million, Vh1 love and hip hop tv star Sukihana and Luxxx Models. Like a Stripper was produced by South Florida producer C.A.M. and video shot by Oshane Carson.



Grinch Freestyle by Sukihana (2022)

Sukihanas freestyle music video Grinch was directed by Bandcamp and produced by BlakDaProduca in 2022.



Thang Thangin by O.T. Genasis featuring Sukihana (2022)

Music video Thang Thangin by O.T Genasis featuring Sukihana was directed by @DREfilms in 2022.



Brick Pussy by Sukihana x Vvsnce (2022)

Sukihana song and music video Brick P*ssy was shot by artist, dj and videographer @imcharm3r in 2022. For some unknown reason to me, music video cannot be anymore found anywhere.



Still Tippin + 2 Freestyle shot by Sukihana (2022)

Still Tippin music video by Sukihana was directed and shot by @Oluvisualgod - who is an executive creative director at Young Lions Media Group - in 2022.



I Said What I Said by Sukihana (2021)




Sukihana (Pussy Everywhere) Live perfomance on Love'n'Hip Hop Concert Halloween (2021)

In August 2021 Sukihana released raunchy, controversial and explicit single "Everywhere" with music video P*ssy Everywhere on her OnlyFans account. P*ssy Everywhere music video isn't available on Youtube, because of it's sexy & raunch nature (summer pool party of dozens of ladies twerking in skimpy bikinis or no clothing at all). But here you can listen the live version of P Everywhere (starting at 5:25 min).



Food Stamp Hoe by Sukihana featuring Saucy Santana (2021)

Sukihana's song & music video 'Food Stamp Hoe' featuring Saucy Santana was directed by DREfilms and Spike D in 2021.



No One by Sukihana (2020)

"No one's gonna love you the way I do
Nobody, I can love you better
No one's gonna love you the way I do
Nobody, baby, your best bet is with me"

No One is my personal favorite song from the Sukihana's Wolf Pussy album right after the Shopping Spree. It has everything that makes a dope hip hop song, sunshine, feel good tunes & melodies everywhere, relaxed but raunchy mood - perfect summer song!


Ho Ho Ho by Sukihana (2020)

The Christmas themed steamy song 'Ho Ho Ho' starring Pompano Randy by Sukihana is collab she made with P*rnhub off the XXXmas Album in 2020.



Shopping Spree by Sukihana (2020)

Music video 'Shopping Spree' by Sukihana was produced by 12th & Collins Entertainment in 2020.



Pretty and Ratchet by Sukihana (2020)

Did you know that Cardi B complemented Sukihana for being in the video WAP in 2020 “Pretty and ratchet @sukihanagoat …I love her growth.Her music is growing and she don’t give a damn got a Bentley out of onlyfans while the haters judge .Thank you soo much for being in my video. Keep grinding .You a star.”



You Forgot to Love Me by Sukihana (2020)

The 'You Forgot to Love Me' music video by Sukihana was directed by Benny Flash in 2020. The song is about respecting yourself and geting rid off people whose love is not real. “Remember when you used to put your hands on me, now look how them diamonds dance on me”.


sukihana wolf pussy

I live life with no regret. Sukihana TWEET THIS

I'm a very spiritual person. I try to keep my chakras aligned, try to stay away from negative energy, and I'm big on manifestation. Sukihana TWEET THIS

Sukihana is my personal favorite female rapper - and not only because of her great tunes. What I love even more, is her unabashed of way of living publicly with sex-positive attitude while empowering and encouraging everyone to find their inner bih and manifesting life you want.

Sukihana is encouraging women to embrace their sexual freedom and be promiscuous, as long as they benefit from it. She believes that women should understand their worth and make sure that their partners reciprocate the benefits they receive from the women they satisfy.




5 Foot Freestyle by Sukihana (2019)

 5 Foot Freestyle music video was shot by @Supparaay6k in 2019.



Y U Mad - Sukihana (2019)

The music video 'Y U Mad' by Sukihana was directed by Chawkfilms in 2019.



Nann Hoe - Sukihana (2018)

The 'Nann Hoe' music video by Sukihana was directed and shot by Diesel Films in 2018.


Don't Push Me - Sukihana (2017)

Music video 'Don't Push Me' by Sukihana was directed by Regg B Visuals and produced by Audio Jacc in 2017.



Checkmate - Dino BTW x Sukihana (2019)


Who is Sukihana | Bio

Sukihanas real name is Destiny Henderson and she was born on 1991 in Wilmington, Delaware, United States and has American citizenship. She has 4 kids.

In early years Sukihana moved a lot and spent her childhood in many places and states like Philadelphia, Georgia, Atlanta and Fayetteville. While living in Atlanta her parents enrolled her in Georgia creative art school.

sukihana gif 

Sukihana Birthday

Her birthday is 15 November, 1991 and her zodiac sign is Scorpio.


Sukihana Real Name & Nicknames

Sukihanas real full name is Destiny Lanette Henderson. Sukihana is regularly called by nicknames Suki,d Suki With the Good Coochie and Ooochie Wally.

According to Sukihana, she was given her nickname by someone who joked that she "tasted like Sukihana" at an Asian restaurant in the Christiana Mall. My quick search resulted that there is no food called Sukihana, but it appears that "Suki Hana" is the name of a Japanese restaurant offering a variety of Japanese cuisine.

Name Suki: Meaning and Definition

The name Suki is Japanes origin and has a lovely and uplifting meaning. It comes from the Japanese word "suki" (好き) which means "to like" or "loving".

The primary definition of Suki is "love, fondness, liking" in Japanese. It expresses feelings of affection, attachment, and love for someone or something.

In Japanese culture, "suki" conveys romantic interest and deeper feelings of love. As a name, Suki symbolizes tenderness, sweetness, and youthful vibrancy.

So the meaning of this cute Japanese nickname name reflects love, fondness, and the sweet feelings of liking and affection.

Name Hana: Meaning and Definition

The name Hana has a beautiful floral meaning, as it comes from the Japanese word for "flower".

In Japanese culture, Hana symbolizes nature, beauty, grace, elegance, and springtime. It's a name associated with flowers blooming, natural scents and beauty.

As a name, Hana expresses delicacy, kindness, and a closeness to nature. It's a popular name in Japan that embodies floral beauty and grace.

So the lovely meaning of this name is tied to its flower name kanji roots - evoking images of Japanese cherry blossoms, natural beauty, and the essence of a flower.

If we combine these two Japanese words, then Sukihana would mean a "Loving Flower", "Love Flower" or "To Like Flowers".



Sukihana Networth & Income

In summer 2022 her networth is estimated to be over 1 million dollars. In 2023 networth estimates goes from about 1 to 5 millions.

Suki has earned most of her money through reality-tv shows, Youtube music videos and music. Before her music career, Sukihana earned great money via OnlyFans. She earns from Youtube alone well over $10000 dollars per month.

Sukihana is known to love and buy expensive luxury products & lifestyle. She has great social media presence and tends to get lots of views because of her hugely entertaining content.


Female Rapper Sukihana | Music Career 

Sukihana first gained attention on social media platforms such as Instagram, where she amassed a large following by sharing videos of herself rapping and performing.

Sukihana grew in Atlanta, and started her rap career in 2017 by releasing  her first single, "Blame Trina," in 2017, a diss track aimed at the rapper Trina. In 2017 she also release her first music video "Best of Me freestyle".

In 2019 she went viral with songs like “5 Foot Freestyle”, “Blame Trina”  and “Drug Dealer” starring celebrity rapper Cuban Doll.

Sukihana gained more recognition after she joined the cast VH1 reality show Love & Hip Hop: Miami in season three and made her debut on it in 2020. The Love & Hip Hop Miami show followed Sukihanas struggles to be taken seriously as a female rap artist.

Her breakthrough to rap fame came in 2020, when she released music video for song "No One", which has attracted couple million views (so far in 2022).

In summer 2020 Sukihana was also featured in Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion “WAP” music video, which secured her place as a female hip hop star for good.

Sukihana spoke with Miami New Times about her musical dominance in 2020, shedding light on her rise to prominence and the factors that propelled her to success.

“I’m just a product of my environment, but now I feel like my environment is a product of me because I see a lot of women look up to me.”

American rapper Sukihana was known for her explicit and often humorous lyrics, but in 2021 she stepped up the game a notch by releasing sex-positive and pool party themed k18 music video 'P*ssy Everywhere'.

As she raised to prominence with her empowering bangers and unapologetic attitude, Sukihana has never shied away from her truth - the influence of women to embrace the power wielded from the punani and celebrating the raunchiness and oversexualization.

Near the Christmas of 2022 Sukihana collaborated with famous Jamaican dancehall artist Dovey Magnum and released the song 'Bad Gyal Team'.

"You don’t need a telescope to see that I’m a star💖🪐" Sukihana

In April 30th 2023 Sukihana released raunchy new song and music video named "Eating". The Youtube music video "Eating" garnered over 500k views in only two months and is becoming fast Sukis one of the most popular songs.

Support & follow Sukihana aka Suki With The Good Coochie:

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