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Dovey Magnum is a dancehall and reggae artist based in Atlanta.

Top music videos by female dancehall artist Dovey Magnum

Checkout the best music videos by Jamaican female dancehall singer and songwriter Dovey Magnum.


Not Too Late by Dovey Magnum (2023)

'Not Too Late' by Dovey Magnum was directed by Rayebann Entertanment and edited by Lyrical N3rd in 2023.



Bad Gyal Team by Dovey Magnum x Sukihana (2022)

The music video 'Bad Gyal Team' by Dovey Magnum and female rapper Sukihana was directed by Shane Creative and Produced by Zimi Records x Grungtroopsmusiq in 2022. Dovey and Suki together surely makes a dope Bad Gyal Team. The 'Bad Gyal Team' song has familiar Dovey Magnum dancehall & reggae feeling with great rap snippets mixed in by rap talent Sukihana.



Staxxx by Dovey Magnum (2022)

'Staxxx' by Dovey M was produced by StarGirl Recordz and published on Youtube Jul 1, 2022.



Harkive by Dovey Magnum (2021)

The music video 'Harkive' was filmed by Caviir Creative / GrindleyStudio in 2021.



Taxic by Dovey Magnum (2021)

The song 'Taxic' was produced by Jr Recordz and shot by SFM Cinema Empire. .



Location by Dovey Magnum (2020)

Her most popular song 'Location' was produced by Black Shadow and directed by Troyton Rami in 2020.



The Hottest Sleepover (Sex Is Lovely / Mi Luv It Ruff) by Dovey Magnum x Goal Digga (2019)

The collaboration Dovey Magnum and Gaol Digga song 'The Hottest Sleepover' was produced by Shabdon Recordz and directed by TheSheep in 2019.


Who is Dovey Magnum

Dove Magnum - real name is Simsky Kimberly Harrison - is a female dancehall & reggae artist born in Spanish Town, St. Catherine, Jamaica.

Dovey migrated to the United States in 2002 and made her first recording in 2012. She has been named Atlanta's top newest reggae recording artist three years in a row.

Dovey Magnum once said that she tried to make non-sexual songs, but they didn't get as much attention as her raunchy songs. This suggests that her fans prefer her raunchy music. She has a monthly listenership of over 134.6k on Spotify, over 81k followers (2023) on Youtube and a growing fan base.

“I really love and appreciate all my fans; to me they are more like family — a nation. That's why I call them Bawl Out Nation. My fan base has grown tremendously over the past year. I am truly blessed”

Dovey M. has been in the news for her comments on collaboration among Jamaican musicians, and has asked why it is so difficult for them to work together. She has also made it clear that she is not interested in hearing any negative comments about her body, and has encouraged her fans to focus on positive things instead. Dovey Magnum is known for her confident, creative, and considerate personality, as well as her charming smile and optimistic outlook.

"Everybody know me real and genuine, so yah go get the hardcore me. I like to sound like my tracks on stage, so expect me to come out strong on vocals. Let loose, leggo yuhself and just enjoy it". - Dovey Magnum


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