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Stripper Anthem Music Videos | Top 20

Check out the best playlist of stripper anthems & songs with music videos.


Top 10 stripper anthems | music videos 2022

Best strip club and stripper anthem music videos of 2022.


01. Strippers by King Martin featuring Thee Goddess (2022)

Music video 'Strippers' by King Martin was released on Youtube Apr 1, 2022.

King Martin of King Martin Music Group burst onto the music scene in 2021 with a vision - give hip-hop artists the power to architect their own careers. This independent record label believed the talent should control the art, not the other way around. Their mission? Amplify bold new voices that might otherwise go unheard outside their neighborhoods.

They began assembling a crew of rebel rappers, singers, and producers hungry to shake up the industry. With KMMG’s backing, these artists accessed studio time, production teams, and the marketing muscle to share their sounds nationwide.

KMMG is no old-school label; they’re a next-gen disruptor rewriting the playbook. Artists retain ownership and creative control. KMMG provides the launchpad for their talents to soar and the freedom to chart their own paths.

Forget chasing charts and sales - it’s all about the music. With studio gear, viral videos, and online platforms, KMMG gives its stars the tools and traction to reach their audiences.

Could it be, that years from now, we’ll look back at artists that blew up with KMMG as pioneers of a new DIY model, one powered by the performers themselves?


02. Im In Luv Wit A Stripper DuhMix (Freestyle) by Ray Du? Ruler (2022)

'Im in Luv Wit a Stripper' music video by Ray Du? Ruler was directed by JBvisuals in 2022.

03. Stripper Anthem by Zahsosaa (2022)

Music video 'Stripper Anthem' by Zahsosaa American rapper who hails from North Philadelphia, United States was directed by Ish Productions and realeased on Youtube Feb 17, 2022. He rose to prominence in the Philadelphia hip hop scene with the release of his 2017 single "Never Switch" and his 2018 album Already Paid.

04. Stripper Bitch by Esco Vo

The 'Stripper Bitch' music video with trap music strip club vibes by Georgian rapper Esco Vo was shot in the KOD ATL (King of Diamonds Atlanta) and released on Youtube 18.3.2022.

05. She Loves Rain by YoungFat 

'She Loves Rain' the Bay Area stripper anthem music video by Young Fat was directed by Toxikfilms in year 2022.

06. RetroGrade (Like A Stripper) by Retro Seedz

'RetroGrade Like a Stripper' music video by Retro Seedz was shot by @beatdownfilmz in 2022.

07. Like A Stripper by Kyle Don't Give A Fuck

Music video 'Like a Stripper' by a rapper Kyle Don't Give A Fuck aka Kyle DGAF was shot by S. Fleks Films in 2022.

08. Stribberbowl by C Notti & K Carbon

'Stripperbowl' by female rappers C Notti and K Carbon was directed by @B_nodd in 2022.

09. Stripper Anthem by Big Boogie

'Stripper Anthem' music video by Big Boogie was directed by GT Film Productions in 2022.

10. Strip Club by Moonchild Sanelly (ft. Ghetts)

Music video for Moonchild Sanelly's song "Strip Club" featuring Ghetss was directed, edited and produced by Hanru van Zyl - the Founder and Co-owner of Lunchtin Studios - in 2022. Two pole dancers on the video are Zuki @kis_with_1_s and Vardz @vardz77.

Other notable stripper music videos

10 more stripper music videos worthy to check & listen.

11. Rose Gold Stripper Pole by KenTheMan (2021)

Stripper Bih by FLA J Papi (2021)

Strip Joint by JonRay (2021)

Stripper by Skny (2021)

Iggy Azalea - Iam The Stripclub (2021)

Millionaire’s Estate - Strip Club Anthem (2020)

Quality Control, Migos - Stripper Bowl (2019)


StripClub TrapHouse by BNice ft. Payroll Giovanni (2019)

Stripclub Pornstars by SSB ft. (Hed) PE (2016)

Pretty Fine Stripper by B.o.B & Scotty ATL Feat. Project Pat (2016)

Watuzi Strip Club Anthem by Filthy Rich Feat. Boone (2016)

Professional by A. Ross feat PyReXX (2013)

Music video 'Professional' by A. Ross was directed and edited by Director of the H (@DirectorOfTheH) in 2013. Professional was the 1st single of rap artist A. Ross.


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