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Tedi Aleksandrova Top 10 Music Videos | Chalga

Get ready to embark on a thrilling musical journey with one of Bulgaria's most beloved singers - beautiful and talented Tedi Aleksandrova!

With a career spanning over two decades, Tedi has captivated audiences with her powerful vocals, infectious energy, and unforgettable music videos. From traditional Bulgarian folk to electronic dance and contemporary pop, Tedi's music style knows no boundaries, blending elements of different genres to create a unique sound that sets her apart from others.

Whether you're a fan of upbeat dance tracks or heartfelt ballads, Tedi's discography offers something for everyone. In this post, we'll delve into Tedi's most popular music videos showcasing her versatility and unique charm. Get ready to be mesmerized by the visuals and hooked by the catchy tunes.

So, without further ado, let's dive into the magical world of Top 10 Tedi Aleksandrova's music videos!


01. Tsentrofuga by Tedi Aleksandrova (2023)

"Tsentrofuga" crafted by Tedi Alexandrova and Daniel Ganev, with Ganev also behind the arrangement, the song embodies a collaborative effort. In creating the lyrics, the singer collaborated with Siana and Mario Yordanov.

The music video came to life under the direction, screenwriting, and cinematography talents of Nikolay Skerlev in 2023.



02. 365 by Tedi Aleksandrova featuring Monkey (2023)

The song "365" is a deeply personal collaboration between the singer herself and Daniel Ganev, who not only contributed to the composition but also crafted the captivating arrangement.

The evocative lyrics were penned by Tedi Alexandrova and Siana, while the visual interpretation of the song was masterfully executed by director, screenwriter, and cinematographer Nikolay Skerlev in 2023.


03. Gonka by Tedi Aleksandrova and Don Mario (2023)

The dynamic musical collaboration between Teddy Alexandrova and Don Mario (Дон Марио) emerges in their latest duet single, "Race" or in Bulgarian "Гонка". Premieried on "Planeta" TV and the media's online channel, this vibrant track unites their talents in a compelling musical fusion."

Music video was directed by Ivan Dimitrov - Torex in 2023.



04. Zarezhi go, mame by Tedi Aleksandrova and Donika (2022)

Music video "ДЕНЬГИ" by Russian female rapper Erna was published



05. Masura by Tedi Aleksandrova featuring Emil (2022)

Teddy Alexandrova and EMIL TRF presented their collaboration "Masura" in 12.7.2022 when music video premiered on "Planeta" TV and on the media's online channel. Video was directed and screenwritten by Lyudmil Ilarionov – Lucy, while Yordan Petkov took care of cinematography.



06. Darpay Ya by Tedi Aleksandrova & Emanuela (2021)

Tedi Alexandrova and Emanuela present a duet song & music video 'Drag Her' that was permiered on Planeta TV's Youtube channel 3.8.2021.



07. Alo, Alo by Tedi Aleksandrova featuring Monkey (2021)




08. Obicham Te by Tedi Aleksandrova & Emrah (2021)

The collaborative single and music video from Teddy Alexandrova and Emrah, 'I Love You,' made its debut on Planeta TV in 15.3.2021.

  • Music: Daniel Ganev, Tedi Alexandrova, and Emrah
  • Lyrics: Tedi Alexandrova
  • Arrangement: Daniel Ganev
  • Director, Screenwriter, and Cinematographer: Nikolay Skerlev



09. Kukata by Tedi Aleksandrova & Galin (2020)

Tedi Alexandrova and Galin Unveil Their Debut Duet 'The Hook'.

Over the weekend (in July 2020), Tedi Alexandrova and Galin debuted their collaborative single, 'The Hook.' Authored by the singer herself, the song’s music and lyrics were brought to life by Tedi, with arrangement credits attributed to Deyan Asenov. The vibrant party video was conceptualized and directed by Viktor Antonov, with Radoslav Gochev capturing the footage.

In a bid to uniquely showcase the catchy lyrics, both artists ventured into entertaining acting roles, injecting a dose of humor into the presentation.

"Friends, we aimed for a track that would set dance floors ablaze at the peak of the party. Have a blast with 'The Hook'; it's tailor-made for your enjoyment," shared the singer.

Expressing his excitement, Galin added, "I hope you revel in our new tune, 'The Hook'! Crafted with immense affection for all of you! Embrace summer vibes, unrestrained and carefree, reminding us how beautiful and fun life can be!"

'The Hook' swiftly climbed into Bulgaria’s Top 5 trending list on YouTube, leaving the possibility of it becoming a summer anthem eagerly anticipated.



10. Top by Tedi Aleksandrova (2018)

Music video "Meow" by Bulgarian female rapper  was shot by FT Media and edited by



BONUS: Korabat-Mayka by Tedi Aleksandrova (2017)



BONUS: Day Mi Svoboda by Tedi Aleksandrova featuring Silver (2015)

The "Day Mi Svoboda" remix music video definitely deserves a place in top 10 list, because it's Tedi's most watched video Youtube with over 29 milllion views (as in December 2023).


BONUS: Mistar Seks by Tedi Aleksandrova (2013)

A blast from the past "Mistar Seks" (Mister Sex in English) music video, deserves a bonus place in the list, by being one of the earliest music videos by Tedi Aleksandrova.


Tedi Aleksandrova | Теди Александрова

In 2010 Tedi Aleksandrova achieved a pivotal dream. The young and then relatively unknown talent soared to victory during the "Planeta" TV summer tour competition, gracing the stage in Montana with an unforgettable performance. This marked the beginning of a journey that swiftly led her to sign a contract with Payner, propelling her into the vanguard of the burgeoning folk music movement.

Tedi is not only gifted but also charismatic, astute, and driven. Her aspirations in the profession are ambitious, yet not at the expense of authenticity. Proud of her Romanian heritage, she maintains an unwavering stance on her identity.

"I embrace my Romanian heritage without reservation. It's not something I've concealed; it simply never surfaced until now. It wasn't a point of discussion. I don't feel any shame about it. Not all Romanian fit the stereotypes perpetuated by misconceptions. In Bulgaria, there exists a diverse spectrum of Romanian some of whom stand above societal norms," Tedi expressed candidly in an interview for

Refusing to yield to racial biases, Tedi firmly dismisses prejudiced sentiments: "Those who harbor racist beliefs are individuals with narrow minds, tethered to their own biases and complexes, blinded by ignorance."

In her conversation with, the singer voiced her pride in her ethnic background, asserting, "Bulgaria boasts incredible singers of Romanian origin, and we acknowledge their talent. Our musical prowess runs deep within our cultural fabric."

Tedi recounts a life unaffected by her heritage, seamlessly navigating through school and work, even upon joining Payner. "My experiences have been remarkably ordinary. My heritage never posed an issue anywhere I went. Even when I disclosed it to the boss, he responded with affirmation," she shared, adorned with a smile.

As of 2023, Tedi has released 3 solo albums together with the company - "Tedi Alexandrova" (2014), "Nya'a problem" (2016) and "My Heart" (2021).


Tedi Aleksandrova Age

Tedi was born in 11 December 1990, Lom, Montana, Bulgaria.


What is Tedi Aleksandrova's Real Name?

Tedi's real name is Teodora Aleksandrova Asenova. She adopted the stage name Tedi Aleksandrova when she started her music career.


10 Interesting Facts About Tedi Aleksandrova

  • She started her music career in 2009.
  • She gained recognition after winning a contest "Make your dream come true with Derby" in Montana.
  • Tedi is known for her wide vocal range and unique timbre, making her a desirable partner for duet songs.
  • She has received numerous awards and nominations for her music, including the YouTube Most Viewed Special Award for "Kiss Me, Baby".
  • She is a Bulgarian singer with a strong presence on the Bulgarian music scene.
  • Tedi has a rich discography, with 59 songs charting on the Bulgarian charts.
  • Her highest charting position is #1, and her worst ranking place is #500.
  • Tedi has appeared in numerous music videos, including "Tsentrofuga," "365," and "Gonka".
  • She has collaborated with various artists and has released several albums, such as "Съре мое" (2021) and "Ня'а проблема" (2016).
  • Tedi's music spans various genres, including world/ethnic and international mood.


Final Thoughts

Did you enjoy journey through Tedi Aleksandrova's captivating music videos? As we concluded our exploration of her visually stunning and emotionally charged works, we encourage you to continue discovering more of her incredible art.

With numerous hits under her belt, Tedi Aleksandrova remains a driving force in the world of Bulgarian pop-folk music, and her music videos are a testament to her talent, creativity, and dedication to her craft. Whether you're a fan of upbeat dance tracks or heartfelt ballads, Tedi's discography offers something for everyone. So, go ahead, indulge in her music, and allow yourself to be swept away by the magic of Tedi Aleksandrova's songs.

Don't forget to share your favorite music videos with friends and family, and remember to stay tuned for more exciting content about your favorite artists! Until next time, thanks for tuning in!

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