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Money Dance by Romer feat Gutta Jane Music Video

Romer - Money Dance Ft. Gutta Jane (2023)

Get ready to experience one of the hottest hip-hop tracks of 2023, "Money Dance," by Romer featuring Gutta Jane. In this high-energy, stylish music video, shot in a luxurious and vibrant strip club, the video features captivating visuals and non-stop entertainment.

The video opens with an alluring establishing shot of the upscale stripclub adorned with modern neon accents of pink and blue lights. As the pulsating beat drops, Romer takes center stage alongside beautiful strippers who bring energy and excitement to every scene. Dressed in white tee, fitted cap and armed with slick rhymes, Romer exudes confidence while surrounded by dancers twerking at hallway, on stairs and a pole stage. The atmosphere is electric as money flies around, adding to the exhilaration of the performance.

Gutta Jane makes her entrance with her powerful and unforgettable flow at 1 min 26 seconds on stais surrounded by twerking strippers and flashing their impressive pole dancing skills. The chemistry between Gutta Jane and Romer is undeniable as they trade verses throughout the video, creating an infectious energy that will leave you wanting more. The stunning visuals are complemented by each artist's unique style while maintaining a cohesive narrative throughout the video.

Throughout "Money Dance," both rappers maintain respect for all performers involved while promoting fairness within their industry through positive representation of strippers as talented artists deserving admiration for their skills rather than objectifying them or focusing solely on stereotypes often associated with their profession. This thoughtful stripper anthem approach shines through in every frame of this visually stunning music video.

Romer's music video for song "Money Dance" featuring upcoming female rapper Gutta Jane was published on LatinBeastTV's Youtube channel on 27.12.2023. Music video was filmed by 6th Element @6thelement and song was produced by Fewtile.

Romer is an American rapper from Corona, California.

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