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Music from Bulgaria | Best Bulgarian Female Singers

Popular Bulgarian pop-folk music is better known as a Chalga, which is a folk-inspired dance music genre and therefore often categorized also as an ethno-pop. Chalga is a blend of Bulgarian ethno-pop music that takes influences also from Arabic, Greek and Turkish music. 


Bulgarian female singers | Top chalga artists

Tune in and listen some beautiful Chalga music from Bulgaria by best Bulgarian female singers and artists.

  • Andjelina
  • Ani Princess
  • Aria
  • Bilyana Lazarova
  • Bilyanish (Биляниш)
  • Boni (Бони)
  • Emanuela
  • Danna
  • Desi Slava (Деси Слава)
  • Dimana (Димана)
  • Diona (Диона)
  • Djena (Джена)
  • Djulia (Джулия)
  • Djuliana Gani
  • Galena
  • Gloria
  • Irena (Ирена)
  • Ivy
  • Jennifer
  • Kristiana (Кристиана)
  • Lina (Лина)
  • Liyana
  • Lorena
  • Malena (Малена)
  • Maria
  • Mia-Mihaela
  • Mihaela (Михаела)
  • Paloma
  • Sarah Sarra
  • Simon
  • Sonya Nemska
  • Stefani (Стефани)
  • Stemanova
  • Suzanitta Muratti (Сузанита)
  • Tatyana
  • Tedi Aleksandrova
  • Tereza
  • Tita (Тита)
  • Tsevetelina Yaneva
  • Vanya (Ваня)
  • Yanitsa (Яница)
  • Yoanna Byuylekova (Йоанна)
  • Yunona

bulgarian female singers

Its time dive into listen and watch some of the best music from Bulgaria. Enjoy the tunes and visals of Bulgaria from top 20 pop-folk female artists!


01. Tedi Aleksandrova - Alo, Alo ft Monkey

Music video for song 'Alo, Alo' by Tedi Aleksandrova was directed by Lyudmil Ilraionov and published on Youtube December 11, 2021.

In 2009 Bulgarian Chalga and dance-pop female artist Tedi Aleksandrova won a music contest in the city of Montana during a tour organized by the music company "Payner". Only a year later, she signed a contract with them.

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02. Paloma - Tsak-Tsak featuring Tedi Aleksandrova

Beautiful Bulgarian model, influencer, folk artist and singer Paloma Viteva was signed by Payner music company in 2021. In 2021 Paloma said that she is concentrating all attention on her vocal training.

Before music career she started to gain popularity via glamorous fashion modeling and lifestyle photoblogging. Paloma started posting modeling and fashion photos in 2016 on Instagram.

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03. Lina - Zaraza

Before starting her music career under an artist name Lina with Payner music, Nedelina Tsaneva was well known model and beauty pageant.

Nedelina Tsaneva grabbed the prestigious title "Miss Bulgaria Continental 2019" at a gala ceremony in the capital of Bulgaria. She is the winner of the titles "Miss Silicon Aesthetic", "Miss Stara Zagora 2014", "Miss Sofia 2015" and "Best Erotic Model 2017". She has participated in numerous other pageants such as "Miss Playmate", and "Miss Silicone", where she grabbed the prize "Miss Silicone Aesthetic" for the first time in the 10-year history of the pageant.

Currently, the miss Lina focuses on her music career and devotes her time to charity. Together with her colleague Tsvetina and her husband, Lina goes around the homes of the elderly and donates beans, lentils, salt, oil, sugar and other products. She also runs a car dealership with her husband and believes that women should work and do something, but men should be more successful.

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04. Emanuela - Napravo V Kosha

Emanuela (Emiliya Ivanova Tsvetkova) is a popular Bulgarian singer who started professional music career in 2006 as she signed with Ara Music. In 2015 she signed with Payner.

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05. Tina - Da Garmim ft. Tedi Aleksandrova

Music video for song 'Da Gramim' by Tina (Тина) featuring Tedi Aleksandrova was directed by Lyudmil Ilraionov aka Lusi in 2021.



06. Bilyanish & Yanitsa - Top Lyubovnik

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07. Mia-Mihaela - Zaribena ft. Djordan

The 'Zaribena' music video by Bulgarian female singer Mihaela Todorova (михаела маринова) and Djordjan was directed by Viktor Antonov and produced by Payner in 2022.

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08. Tsvetelina Yaneva - Boi, Boi

Tsvetelina Georgieva Yaneva, better known simply as Tsvetelina Yaneva, is a Bulgarian pop and folk singer. Tsvetelina Yaneva was born on 5 October 1989 in the town of Plovdiv. She is the daughter of folk musician Georgi Yaneva and folk singer Pepa Yaneva. Her family lives in Plovdiv, but they spend more time in Belashchitsa, 5 km from the city, where they have a house and a recording studio.

From a very young age she has been on stages with the orchestra. She attended singing lessons with Radiana Zaduma at the Syndical House in Plovdiv. Tsvetelina started with folk songs, but in her teens she switched to pop and jazz.

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09. Yunona - Kolko Pati ft. Boris Dali

Music video for song 'Kolko Pati' by Yunona (Юнона) was directed by Lyudmil Ilraionov and published on Youtube Jun 10, 2019 by Payner. Kolko Pati translates in English to "How many times."

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10. Maria - Davay, Razplachi Me

Music video 'Davay, Razplachi Me' by Maria (Мария) was produced by Payner Media Ltd. in 2021. Davay, Razplachi Me mean in English "Go ahead, make me cry".

Maria Panayotova Kirova-Sokolova, better known simply as Maria, is a Bulgarian pop-folk singe who signed a contract with Payner in 2000 and became one of the most popular faces of Bulgarian popfolk. She has been singing since she was a child and is known from the show "Like the Lions" on BNT, where she performed the song "Clovers" from Lili Ivanova's repertoire.

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11. Danna - Toi




12. Aria - Zhivee Mi Se

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13. Tatyana - Mazhkite Ti Nomera featuring Ax Dain

Tatyana Georgieva Kacova, better known simply as Tatyana, is a Bulgarian female pop-folk singer. She was born in the town of Unification and graduated from NUFI "Shiroka Luka" with a degree in folk singing.

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14. Djulia - Nozhat

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15. Sarah Sarra & Sasho Roman - Vreden navik




16. Bilyana Lazarova - Puma

Bilyana Lazarova - better known as her artist name Bilyanish - is a Bulgarian singer, model and influencer. Bilyanish has been on stage since 2012, when he first participated in a music show for children and made it to the semi-finals. She has been named the "World's Most Beautiful Teenage Girl". She has received many awards and prizes in just a few years - Teen Miss International 2017 - Thailand, Teen Miss Europe 2016 - South Africa, Little Miss Galaxy 2015, Teen Miss Bulgaria 2015, Teen Miss Nations 2015 - Brazil, Little Miss World 2015 - Turkey.

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17. Ivy - Ludata Featuring Sasha Riko

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18. Galena - Euphoria

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19. Diona x Sasha Riko - Samo Teb

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20. Kristiana & Yanitsa - Glavnata

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BONUS: Ani Princess - Nomer Edno




BONUS: Andjelina - Az Sam Ogan

Andjelina Atanasova is a Bulgarian music artist and famous model with fabulous barbie looks. Andjelina was born in Sophia, Bulgaria in 1996. In 2020 she started her own clothing line Goddess, due to the fact that she cares a lot about her appearance, so she decided to recreate every idea into reality.

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BONUS: Liyana - Bravo Bravo

Liyana (Лияна) was born on September 12, 1980 in the town of Sofia. Bulgarian Liyana released her first album at the age of 14, together with her father Valentin Popov, who is a composer. The beautiful Bulgarian singer has released three more solo albums in her career, Stone Heart (1998), Platinum Woman (2000) and Like a Witch (2010). In the fall of 2013, she participated in the fifth season of the show Big Brother, where she reached the finals and finished in fifth place. Her first cousin is the famous pop-folk singer Konstantin.

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To find and listen more beautiful music from Bulgaria, check out the Planeta Official Youtube channel

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