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Sandra Popa Music Videos

Sandra Georgia Popa is a Romanian pop singer and artist, game streamer, OnlyFans star, cam model and social media influencer. Beautiful Sandra lives California where se plays League of Legends, models, sings and dances. Her music is made in tongue in cheek style and could be described to be as "humorous, sex-positive slut pop".


I Like You, Like You, Like You by Sandra Popa (2021)

Music video 'I Like You, Like You, Like You' by Sandra Popa was shot by Mimimafia & Poppidoux and song was produced by ChekoMusica in 2021.



I'm the One to Impress by Sandra Popa (2020)

Song and music video 'I'm The One To Impress' was produced by AOAfterDark, VXIOS and DelpaYork. 



Make Me Your Slut by Sandra Popa featuring A-Why (2022)

The song 'Popin' by Mrz Showbizz was produced by Tankhead Wreckin in 2020.




First live perfomance by Sandra Popa (2021)

Sandra performed live for the first time at her birthday party in 2021.

If you are going through a hard time, stay strong, and try to take steps in a positive direction. Things can only get better if you try. I've been the girl that felt hopeless, lost, confused, but those are the feelings that I needed to feel to take my first steps into finding out the truth, growing as a person, and finding my way in this world. - Sandra Popa


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