Moyann is Jamaican female dancehall artist, social media influencer and Fashion Nova ambassador.


Moyann music videos

Moyann music career can be said started in 2017 when se reached out to DJ Frass, sending him a demo. DJ Frass got back to her in 2018, and Moyann got a recording deal with DJ Frass Records.

Moyann blasted on the dancehall music scene in 2018 with a feel-good song 'Netflixxx and Chill' which was also her first own music video. Tune in and check out some of the best songs and music videos by Moyann!


Vanilla by Moyann (2021)




Too Good by Moyann (2021)

The song 'Too Good' by Moyann was produced by ZimiEnt & DJ Frass. Music video was directed by RDStudios and edited by Ruption in 2021.



Sex Me Up by Moyann (2021)




Backseat by Moyann (2021)




Position by Moyann x Seani B (2020)




ABC by Moyann (2018)




Netflixxx n Chill by Moyann (2018)


Who is Moyann

Moyann Montique who goes by artist name Moyann, grew up in Montego Bay. She studied logistics at Caribbean Maritime University in Kingston, but decided to follow her passion of music during her sophomore year. Her parents were supportive of her decision to follow musical path. 


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