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New Female Rap Songs 2023 | Part 2

The female rap landscape in 2023 has been nothing short of electric, with a burst of talents illuminating the music scene.

Part 2 compilation of New Female Rappers witnesses an array of vibrant and empowered artists, each weaving their unique narratives through captivating verses and magnetic performances.

Some of these new talents has already gathered over 100k views for their music videos like "Headdd" by 3n33c3 and "Fake Body" by Amanda Nicole.


01. 3n33c3 - Headdd

"Headdd" is 3n33c3's debut music video and was published on Youtube 14.12.2023. The video has gained over 100k views under 15 days since published, which is a tremondous feat for new female rapper who is just starting out! Kudos for Eneece, she deserves it!

Eneece is also an entertainer, artist, social media influencer (focusing on TikToks and reels), OnlyFans star, model and photographer.

Follow Eneece aka Blaisian Persuasion (Juneau Howards):


02. Amanda Nicole - Fake Body

Cosmetic surgery themed music video for the Amanda Nicole's song 'Fake Body' was directed by Gemini Vision and published on Youtube 20.1.2023.

Thick fake body

Type of money you can't see

Even when I'm dressed, they hate us

Because I got these big o breasts

And p*ssy fat and juicy

By her own words Amanda is "Your fave creative bimbo and provocative poet". She is also a famous influencer, successful OnlyFans star with over 450k followers on X (Twitter) and ambassador for FashionNova.

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03. Bu5 - Party Hardy

The music video "Party Hardy" by Bu5 was filmed and edited by Kickingskate and published on Youtube 29.9.2023.

Buda is a rising star in the music industry, hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. Her musical influences span a diverse range, including Kevin Gates, Hunxho, Ola Runt, Mama Mia, and the latest hip-hop sensation, Glorilla. Buda's journey into rapping began when her friend Dymond introduced her to the studio, and she felt an unstoppable force within her. She recalls, "Everybody said you fye see going" and that's precisely what she did.

Music serves as a sanctuary for Buda, allowing her to transcend the challenges of reality and transport herself to a parallel universe. Her sound exudes a raw, unbridled energy that captivates listeners, leaving them craving more yet exercising caution.

Buda's forthcoming debut single, "HI," produced by Day1Cassh, a renowned hitmaker from Atlanta, promises to be a game-changer. The collaboration between the two artists yields a distinctive sound that Buda affectionately describes as her "vibe." With three additional singles in the pipeline, Buda is poised to take the music scene by storm.

Stay tuned for Buda's impending rise to stardom. She's just getting warmed up, and her raw talent, infectious energy, and unapologetic attitude guarantee that she'll leave a lasting impression on the industry. Get ready to witness greatness unfold.

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04. Erna - ДЕНЬГИ

Music video "ДЕНЬГИ" by Russian female rapper Erna was published on Youtube 30.11.2023. ДЕНЬГИ means money in English. Erna is also an tattoo and piercing artist.

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05. Desire Silva - Rich Hoein

Music video for Desire's song "Rich Hoein" was directed and shot by Timothy Lens and produced by Jayestate. Desire is an American 22 year old female rapper and OnlyFans star from Hartford, Connecticut.

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06. Coca Baby - Dumb In It

Music video for Coca Baby's song "Dumb In It" was shot & directed by Panoramic Films and published on Youtube 12.1.2023. Coca Baby's influences come from female rappers like Cardi B, GloRilla, Nicki Minaj and MeganThee Stallion.

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07. YaY - Daddy

YaY's music video "Daddy" was shot by StrictlyYellowTapez and published on YaY's Youtube channel 18.10.2023.

Follow YaY aka Yavonne:



08. ThickWhit - So

Pool party themed music video "So" was shot by Kelly Kidd and published on Florida based female apper ThickWhit's Youtube channel 10.10.2023.

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09. Sae Shanai - I Love B*tches

The music video "I Love Bitches" for Las Vegas based female rapper Sae was shot and directed by @effortlessdel and published on Youtube 15.9.2023. Talented Las Vegas femcee released three music videos in 2023 "I Love Bithces", "Toxic Soul Ties" and "Goodbye".

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10. InstaIN - Meow

Music video "Meow" by Bulgarian female rapper  was shot by FT Media and edited by Broken Siemens. Video was published on InstaIN's Youtube channel 20.10.2023.

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As there is nowadays so much female talent in hip hop, I had to throw few bonus femcees.

BONUS: Big Britt - Versuz

"Versuz," the dynamic music video by Bigg Britt, isn't just a visual spectacle—it's an electric celebration that pulses with the beating heart of Tampa's vibrant neighborhoods. This high-energy feast for the eyes encapsulates the spirited essence of Tampa's North Side, East Side, West Side, and South Side, igniting an explosive twerk showdown.

Bigg Britt steps into the role of a magnetic referee, orchestrating a twerk battle that electrifies the city's urban pulse. With her crew representing each corner of Tampa, they infuse every street corner with infectious energy, unleashing the unfiltered art of twerking in its most authentic form.

From bustling streets to hidden urban treasures, the city transforms into their playground, a canvas where they express themselves freely to the irresistible beats of "Versuz." This video isn't just about dance; it's a testament to the unifying power of movement, a vibrant celebration of urban culture, and an unapologetic portrayal of Tampa's raw and genuine spirit.

"Versuz" stands as a captivating tribute to the unifying essence of dance, offering a visual feast that's as authentic as the city itself.

Follow Bigg Britt:

  • Youtube @BiggBrittVEVO
  • Instagram
  • Tiktok


BONUS: BlakeIANA - BING BONG (feat. Sexyy Red) [Remix]

And last but not least, we have new upcoming female rap talent BlakeIANA featuring the one and only femcee Sexyy Red, who risen to fame in 2023 like a rocket. The music video "Bing Bong" was directed by @midjordan and edited by @corey_pieper.


Final Thoughts

The year 2023 has been a testament to the evolving dynamism within female rap, showcasing a diverse range of voices, stories, and artistic prowess.

As we step into 2024, the stage is set for yet another thrilling chapter in hip hop's vibrant journey as female rap scene keeps growing and delivering.

With anticipation high and creativity surging, the future promises to amplify the beat of female rap in unprecedented ways. I bet, 2024 will be super lit🔥 year for all hip hop fans for sure!


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