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Bimbo meaning & definition

Meaning of bimbo is much more than an attractive and dumb female.

Nowadays the word bimbo doesn't have anything to do with intellect necessarily.

The word 'bimbo' has a short but rich evolution. Through the decades it has been transformed from degrading word into a positive and empowering word. 

Before we dive deeper into the "world of bimbofication", let's take a look where and how the controversial term 'bimbo' came to be part of our vocabulary - and what it means.


Bimbo definition & meaning

A short, accurate and modern definition for bimbo is: a woman who wants to show, emphasize and highlight her femininity and sexuality.

Nowadays it should be clear for everyone that beauty of the person has nothing to do with intellect.

Although, most people still - in everyday talk - think bimbo to be basically an attractive, but stupid female. That is not the case in reality - as we can see - when we take a look how the term bimbo has progressed and changed throughout the time.

Hidden bimbo acronym and meaning = Brilliant, Instinctive, Motivating, Brave and Outstanding person.


Bimbo history & origin

The term bimbo is derived from an Italian word bambino (little child or baby). In the U.S. bimbo has been around since the early 1900s, when it was used to describe primal-behaving and dumb men.

All changed in 1920s, when a song was written for a Broadway revue entitled "My Little Bimbo Down On The Bamboo Isle", which referred not to a primal man, but to a voluptuous and beautiful woman.

In the late 1980s the term bimbo enjoyed again a new vogue in the media and it was commonly used to describe a stupid or ‘loose’ woman.

Add couple years more and 'bimbo' evolved to describe women who put more time into their appearance instead of their intelligence. In 1990's bimbo was beginning to be synonym for terms "bombshell" and "platinum barbie", mostly because of women celebrities like Lolo Ferrari and Pamela Anderson.

Therefore from 80's and all the way to 2010, bimbos were considered to be women who wear a lots of makeup, skimpy clothing, aren't very bright and want to have lots of sex.

In early 2010s, the word 'bimbo' started to gain more and more positive attributes.

Self-proclaimed bimbo Alicia Amira has been in the forefront of making the term bimbo as something to be proud of.


What is bimbo

Most often bimbo is seen as a very beautiful and superficial girl or woman who emphasizes her looks, beauty, glamour, money, style, sexuality and especially femininity more than anything else and who likes to get a lots of attention.

Bimbo can be recognized also as a trophy wife, woman who like to look "fake" as possible, doll-like barbie girls or as a sex/beauty goddesses. Also women who love to have lots of sex and adult stars with big fake breasts and filled lips are often seen as a bimbos.



Bimbofication meaning & history

What is bimbofication and what does it mean?

In short, bimbofication is a continuous transformation process in which individual wants to become more beautiful and feminine over time.

It could be probably said that Lolo Ferrari, Eve Valois (February 9, 1963 – March 5, 2000), French dancer, sex star, pornographic actress, actress and singer billed as "the woman with the largest breasts in the world" was first bimbo in it's modern meaning.

Even though the term bimbofication didn't exist in 90's, we can easily see that celebrity and actress Pamela Anderson has had huge influence making bimbofication more popular.

When Baywatch and Pamela hit the tv-screens, it didn't take long, when curvaceous blonde barbie body was literally in the mind of everyone.

After Pamela was featured in Playboy magazine, she decided upgrade her "assets" via plastic surgery and got her first breast implants.

With weekly audience of 1.1 billion viewers the Baywatch and arrival of Pamela Anderson with her new big implants had a profound effect on people and pop culture. It was a time when breast implants came known through out the world. It was beginning of a time when media started to wonder who celebrity has and who doesn't have silicone implants.

Meanwhile, adult star Jenna Jameson was starting her career with a pair of equally iconic 34D implants. Pamela Anderson and Jenna Jameson made sure that fake boobs and "plastic barbie style" was imprinted into the eyes of everyone.

Breakthrough of fake lips happened when the television and Internet celebrity Kylie Jenners lips seemed suddenly gain more fuller pout in 2015.


Bimbo aesthetic

Bimbos usually use sexy clothes like high-heels, mini dresses, bikinis and other revealing clothes.

Bimbos commonly apply lots of makeup, wear hair extensions, false eyelashes, artificial/acrylic nails, expensive jewelry and are obsessed to look beautiful as possible.

Bimbos are plastic positive, which means that they have often gone plastic surgery operation or multiple plastic surgery operations to enhance their looks by getting breast implants, butt implants and lip fillers.

By 2010, breast augmentation was the most popular form of plastic surgery in the US (it first eclipsed liposuction in 2008), with 318,123 procedures performed that year, 62% of which using silicone implants.

Bimbos are usually perceived as blondes.


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