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New Female Rappers 2022 | Top 30

Upcoming and new female rappers of 2022 to check out and follow. These unsigned, independent, authentic underground hip hop ladies have just begun their rap journey, and are just getting started to conquer some new ground in the world of hip hop music.


New female rappers 2022 | TOP 30 music videos

Check out the best music videos by new female rappers of 2022 talents across the world - who have just started their rap careers in 2022. 


01. Coco FR - S.C.A.N

Coco FR is an hip hop artist from Brooklyn, NY, model, content creator, social media influencer and actress. Coco is passionate about music, beauty and fashion.

Follow Coco FR aka Kaitlin French on:



02. Only Fans by Icy Nina

Follow Portugese female rapper Icy Nina on:




03. Mix Bitch by Smiley K

Mix Bitch by Smiley K is her first single and was shot by BillionShotit.

Follow Smiley K on:


04. BDDH by Paris Monro




05. Ebony Jahnae - Lilith




06. Tammi Jean - Shine




07. Get Yo Money Up by Big Arii (2022)




08. Fun by BeanTown Baddie featuring Blacksan




09. DSTNI - Wet Wet




10. Yani Melani - H.O.E




11. Da Biggest 3 - Get Money (Remix) ft Milly, Mac C & Breshay




12. Mulalo - Tracy Grimshaw




13. Bad Azz Brijion - Short D




14. SlimBaddieee - Slim Be Da Baddest




15. Molly Water - Run it Up ft. Rae Rae




16. KupWithaK - TOSS




17. Mixed Breed Bianca - Why You Madd




18. Vika - Colombia




19. Vaddie Da Baddie - Big Body Benz




20. Stephanie Palomares - 2 Cars

Stephanie Palomares is well-known social media influencer with over 2 million followers on Instagram. Stephanie says that "she doesn't work", so she makes money mostly by strutting and showing her sexy & beautiful barbie body on OnlyFans.

2 Cars is Ms Palomares first rap music video and song. The song was shot by Visionary and produced by A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie.

Follow Stephanie Palomares:



21. Lexi Gold - 2500



22. Pocaahontassss - Freaky Tales

'Freaky Tales' music video was directed by Wtfnonstop. Follow her @Pocaahontassss.


23. Big Storm - Expensive



24. Bigg Kisha - Nada



25. Mimi - Believe It



26. Netty P - Necessary



27. Yonnie Melone - Hotel Lobby



28. Mimi Stacks - Sit On It

 Follow Mimi Stacks:


29. LaaBarbie - Glo



30. Monique Keene - Keep Up


Who is your favorite new female rapper of 2022?

 ps. Remember to check out also new female rappers of 2021.


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