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Stephanie Palomares Music Videos | Barbie Femcee

Stephanie Palomares is a well-known female barbie vixen model, Instagram influencer and OnlyFans star, entrepreneur, and as of 2022, a rap music artist.

The new recording female rap artist Ms Palomares dropped her first hip hop song and video in 2022 called "2 Cars".


Tapestry by Stephanie Palomares (2023)

Music video "Tapestry" shows Stephanie rapping in various locations, like on the beach while riding a horse, in the shower and at the balcony. Video was shot by Wes and published on Youtube 30.5.2023.



How Will I Know by Mr. Capone-E Feat. Stephanie Palomares (2023)

Music video "How Will I Know" by Mr. Capone-Ed featuring Ms Palomares was directed by David Ukpolo (Davepolo Production) and produced by David Olayera in 2023.



2 Cars by Stephanie Palomares (2022)

Music video for Stephanie Palomares debut single song '2 Cars' was produced by A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and shot by Visionary in 2022.

In sports car themed music video, she sticks to the glamourous and successful barbie girl stereotype. The performance is full of steamy shots of Stephanie and her friends flaunting their sexy figures in a pool and in sport cars.

On her debut single press release Ms Palomares said “While making this record I learned how much work actually goes into studio sessions,” and “I gained so much respect for not only artists but producers and engineers as well.”. So '2 Cars' was just a start for social media star and influencer as she promised that new music is on the way in near future and eventually a full debut project/album.


stephanie palomares female rapper

Who Is Stephanie Palomares | Bio

Stephanie Palomares is Mexican descent business woman, model and rap artist. She is well-known for her beautiful curvy & beauty barbie styled looks and for swimwear and lingerie modeling.

In 2021 her plastic surgery expenses totaling $200,000 garnered media attention and made some big news. In 2023 her cosmetic surgery expenses went over $500,000 because she wants to perfect her look in order to 'get more attention and make more money'!

In 2023 interview Stephanie said to believe in karma "definitely believe in karma, that's why I feel like I have so much good stuff that happens to me because I don't do people
wrong. I don't play people. I don't play about people's money. I found a $100 bill on the street the other day I was like Wow me. I looked around I took it I got some bricks with."


Plastic Surgery Positive Female Rapper

"I spent roughly about five hundred thousand to list all my procedures I've done. I feel like it can go on and on. I've done three breast augmentations. I've done five bbos. I've done my nose. I've done cat eyes. I've done my veneers three different times. I used to get tons of fillers on my face. The only filler I have now is my lips but I used to do the jawline the cheeks. I love surgery you can just be whoever you want to be. I spent roughly around five to ten thousand on maintenance a month. The next uh procedure I'm planning on getting is smaller breasts."

"I just want to keep myself looking how I want to look because at the end of the day, I go to sleep at night with myself and I get to wake up in my own body.", "I don't think I'll ever stop getting plastic surgery" Stephanie told.

Her transparent plastic positive attitude matches with her open sex-positive attitude as she has said to have sex up to 10 times a day when in a relationship.


Stephania Palomares age

Stephanie Palomares was born in August 25, 1993 in United States. Her Birth sign is Virgo.


Modeling and OnlyFans Career

Palomares' journey to becoming a successful adult performer began when she was still in high school. According to an interview with Playboy, she started posting risqué photos and videos on her social media accounts, which quickly gained attention from fans and industry professionals alike.

Encouraged by her early success, she decided to pursue a career in the adult entertainment industry, eventually signing with the prominent talent agency, OC Modeling.

"Being cute is never enough, you gotta do more." - Stehanie Palomares

Before her modeling career and fame Stephanie has worked as an exotic dancer in Las Vegas and as a real estate agent. She has been featured in several men's magazines, including Playboy and Maxim.

She started on OnlyFans in 2019 and has become one of the biggest Mexican OnlyFans creators. Stephanie got into OnlyFans after being introduced to the platform by her manager. Her first day she made $12k just from subscriptions and tips. She's collaborated on OnlyFans with celebrities like Trey Songz and Tiger Woods.

In addition to her work in front of the camera, Palomares has also launched her own website and exclusive content platform, where fans can access her premium content.

In 2023 Ms Palomares appeared live with Double Dose Twins at EXXXOTICA 2023.


Fan Base and Social Media Presence

Stephanie Palomares curvaceous figure, bold unapolectic personality, and energetic performances, have helped her attract lots of followers and subscribers.

Stephanie has over 2,2 million followers (May 2023) on Instagram. She is been to known to associate with Swedish bombshell Monica Huldt on Instagram and OnlyFans as they both became famous.


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