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Gina V Music Videos | Los Angeles Femcee

Gina V is a Los Angeles based female rapper, who started to create rap tunes and music in 2022.


Best music videos by female rapper Gina V

Gina V has released two music videos 31 Flavors and Shake My Ass (until May 2023).


31 Flavors by Gina V (2022)

The '31 Flavors' music video by Gina V was directed by Legit Looks in 2022.



Shake My A$$ by GIna V (2022)

The 'Shake My Ass' music video by female rap artist Gina V was produced by VizualKingz and directed by Dizz in 2022.


Who is Gina V Huynh

Gina V is her rapper artist name, and she is better known as by her model career name Gina Huynh. Gina was born in Nebraska, USA, but now lives in Los Angeles, California, where she has made a name for herself in the fashion as well as the fitness industry. Gina revealed in Instagram post that she is both Vietnamese and Black and likes to travel.

Before starting to create music, she made herself known through Instagram which is filled with fashion photos and videos of her on various beaches across the world. She has also an OnlyFans model portfolio. Gina has been seen hanging with popular rappers like Diddy, Yung Miami and Chris Brown, so she's been familiar with the hip hop scene long before starting to create her own music.


Gina Huynh age & birthday

Gina Huynh was born on April 6, 1992.


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