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New Female Rappers 2023 | Top 10 songs with music videos

Its June of 2023, and there is many talented and independent female rappers hitting the scene.

Fifty years since hip-hop first emerged in the early 1970s Bronx, New York City, we now find ourselves in a golden age of female rappers. From the hard-hitting street rhymes of Memphis to the raw energy of Bronx Drill, women are not just catching up - they are shaping the future of rap.

Where there was once only room for a handful of women at the top, a new generation is thriving. These female MCs show that rap is as much an artform as it is a contest.

While they often promote and champion each other, female rappers also compete and clash. But conflict is part of rap's DNA, pushing new ideas and sounds into the spotlight.


New female rappers of 2023 | Top 10 music videos

Check out some music videos by new female rappers with talent rising across the world - who started their rap careers in 2023. These fresh artists are making waves with their unique voices, lyrical storytelling and genre-pushing sound.


01. Arii Jai - Ms.Get Back

'MS. Get Back' is home party and strip club themed music video by beautiful amber-haired female rapper Arii Jai was released on Youtube April 24th 2023.



02. Big Boss Blossom - Real Life

Music video the 'Real Life' by female rapper Big Boss Blossom was shot by Kings Of Content in 2023.



03. Dana Mozell - Shame to see you go

The song 'Shame To See You Go' was written by Dana Mozell and produced by @lexdemproductions9053.

"The feelings of being desired, rich, and high can all be so intoxicating sometimes . But when you chase vices, it pushes you away further from what your soul wants. All the good things in life are free. Your happiness is pulled from your soul not from your ego. You can’t expect to be offered a cup of love from people who don’t see themselves as infinite because their perspective is limited. Understanding the value of life means that You understand that you are more than an object to be desired and you’re worth more than anything that you desire. I’ve found creating to be the most profoundly emancipating processes for me like I was born to do it." - Dana Mozell


04. Leyh Chanel - Pass Out

Yacht themed music video 'Pass Out' by Leyh Chanel was directed by SickosWorldWde in 2023.

Follow Leyh Chanel on Instagram @madaboutleyh.



05. Quality - Ballin hoe

The 'I Be Balling Hoe' by new female rap artist Quality was directed by Nimi Hendrix of Secret Society Motion Pictures a production company based in the NJ/ NYC area.




06. Da Truth by Kae Kajora

Music video for Kae Kajors song "Da Truth" was shot by A Shooter and CO Production in 2023.



07. Daisy - Right Cheek, Left Cheek

The 'Right Cheek, Left Cheek' boxing themed music video was directed by Daisy herself.



08. Back Outside Gworlz by Kamaya the Boss

Music video featuring indpendent makeup artist The Yaun the 'Back Outside Gworlz' by Kamaya The Boss aka Kay Boss and Kay Finesse was produced by Everything Major and published in April 2023 on Youtube.

Follow Kamaya the Boss on Instagram @kay_bossx.



09. Get Rich by Dia B

Stripclub themed music video "Get Rich" by Dia B was filmed at Dawg Pound Gentlemen's Club by Vickmont Films in 2023.

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10. HOP3 Da Don - Go Crazy

The 'Go Crazy' music video by HOP3 Da Don was directed by Just Keith Films and published in January 23rd 2023 on Youtube.


Today's top female artists prove that rap runs deeper than the beat - it's built on the passions, female empowerment, experiences, unapoletic sex-positivity and styles that every woman brings.

Feel free to comment and suggest female rappers that should be added into the new female rappers 2023 list.


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