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Sexyy Red Music Videos: Top Hits & Visuals

Sexyy Red is an emerging St. Louis (USA) based female rapper. She started her professional rap career in 2018 with the release of songs like Slide remix, Free Smoke and Chicken Chicken.

Sexyy Red is known for her bold and clever lyricism, weaving stories with intricate rhymes and catchy flows. Her music pays homage to old-school hip-hop while bringing in new energy and inspiration with her passion for empowering and uplifting other women. Sexyy Red is quickly making a name for herself in the female rap industry and is sure to rise even higher in the years to come.


Best music videos by female rapper Sexyy Red aka Big Sexyy

Sexyy Red has been real busy and productive in 2022 and she has released already nine music videos in 2022. In October 2022 Sexyy Red released the single Born by the River featuring the famous female rapper Sukihana. April 2023 was huge step for Sexyy Red as she made collab with NLE Choppa for the song 'Slut Me Out Remix' and also with upcoming female rappe talent Gloss Up aka Glitter Girl Gloss.


Hood Rats by Sexyy Red & Sukihana (2023)

The music video for Sexyy Red and Sukihana collaboration song 'Hood Rats' was directed & produced by Des Gray and Landon Kovalick. Golf themed "movie" music video was published on Youtube 17.8.2023.



Looking For The Hoes by Sexyy Red (2023)

Sexyy Red's music video "Looking For The Hoes (Ain’t My Fault)" wad directed by Diesel Films and edite by Diego Ferri. In home party themed video, red-head Sexyy Red is wearing black top with tight leather shorts while wiggling some booty & stacks of cash with her party friends.



No Panties by Sexyy Red (2023)

Carwash themed music video for song "No Panties" by Sexyy Red was directed Des Gray. Sexyy's single "No Panties" is a soundtrack song from Rap Sh!t: The Mixtape (Soundtrack from the Max Original Series, Season 2) which arrives November 3 2023. Rap Sh!t is a Issa Rae's acclaimed hip hop comedy series, which features female rappers like Sexyy Red and KaMillion.



Pound Town by Sexyy Red (2023)

The 'Pound Town' music video by Sexyy Red was directed by Suavefilms and Senseishands in 2023. Sexyy released later three other versions of 'Pound Town', sexy & steamy Spring Break Edition summer banger, Live version from St. Louis where she is already recovered from her cosmetic breast enhancement operation and another St. Louis, Missouri version produced by Tay Keith.



Sexyy by Sexyy Red (2022)

The song 'Sexyy' by Sexyy Red was released in 2021 on her 'Ghetto Superstar' album and the highly acclaimed Youtube music video was published in January 2022.



Born By The River by Sexyy Red featuring Sukihana (2022)

Music video for song 'Born By The River' by Sexyy Red featuring upcoming rap femcee superstar Sukihana was directed by Bandcamp in 2022.



Don't Get Beat by Sexyy Red (2022)

The 'Don't Get Beat' music video by Sexyy Red was shot by Jolo in 2022.



Throwin' It by Sexyy Red (2022)

Funny music video "Throwin' It" shows Sexyy Red in Spiderman outfit and also dancing at white/golden decorated bedroom in luxury mansion with couple other women. Music video was shot by Jolo and published on Youtube 13.5.2022.



Slob On My Ckat by Sexyy Red (2022)

Music video "Slob On My Ckat" was shot by Jolo and directed by Sexyy Red herself! In video Sexyy Red is wearing pink leopard print outfit while dancers wear regular leopard print. Towards the end, keen-eyed can catch Sexyy wearing bikinis and twerking outdoors on car roof while its snowing.



Sticky Icky (Roll Det) by Sexyy Red (2022)




FaceTime by Sexyy Red (2021)




My Bitches by Sexyy Red (2021)

Music video for Sexyy Red's song "My Bitches" was directed by DrewFilmedIt and published on Youtube 9.12.2021.


Hood B*tch by Sexyy Red (2021)




Northside by Sexyy Red (2020)




Slide (remix) by Sexyy Red (2018)

'Slide (remix)' music video by Sexyy Red is an anthem for all "Bad Bitches" who are not afraid to chase their goals towards success. The song was produced by Kyle who is a director at Controversial Star Records in 2018.



Chicken Chicken by Sexyy Red (2018)

Music video 'Chicken Chicken' by Sexyy Red was shot by Laboxx BGP in 2018.


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