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Richie Re music videos | Atlanta femcee

Female rapper Richie Re is Atlanta-based, talented and independent hip-hop recording artist.

richie re music videos


Long Hair Thick Ass by Richie Re x Trap Beckham (2021)

Poolparty themed 'Long Hair Thick Ass' music video by female rapepr Richie Re and Trap Beckham was edited and directed by Zuberi Morrison in 2021.



When to Say When by Richie Re (2020)

Music video for Richie Re's song "When to Say When" was directed by Zu and pulished on Youtube 19.12.2020. Song is part of Richie Re's "Rich Bitch Chronicles Vol. 1" album.



AFWM Remix by Richie Re x Stunna 4 Vegas (2020)

Remix music video 'AFWM' by Richie Re with Stunna 4 Vegas was directed by Ithinkethan and released on Youtube 2.9.2020.



Boyfriend by Richie Re (2020)

Music video "Boyfriend" was directed by Zu Morrison of BEYU FILMS and published on Richie Re's Youtube channel 11.7.2020.



Big Money by Richie Re featuring Trina (2019)




Bae by Richie Re (2019)

The visual for Richie Re's single song  "Bae" aka "Bounce That Ass for Cash" was directed and edited by ZU (Zuberi Morrison). Music video was published on Richie's Youtube channel 10.10.2019.

The song "BAE" revolves around themes of empowerment, self-confidence, and embracing one's own worth. The lyrics portray a confident persona unapologetically embracing her sexuality and attractiveness while taking control of her life and financial independence.

Bounce that a** for cash
Put that in my bag
You gone change my life
Be my biggest fan
You gone make me dance
Once I throw it at ya bet ya want it
You gone make me dance
Once I throw it at ya bet ya love it



Goldmine by Richie Re featuring Kollision (2019)

Single and music video "Goldmine" by Richie Re features QC's Kollision who brought star power to the song with his melodies. The song is about a woman who is independent, bossy, and has sex appeal.



False Alarm by Richie Re (2019)

The music video "False Alarm" was directed by ZU of Beyu Films and released on Youtube 19.4.2019. The song "False Alarm" itself was released already in 2018 and is on Richie Re's "Re Loaded" album.



If I Want To by Richie Re featuring Kollision (2018)

The music video for Richie Re's "If I Want To" was directed by Joe Yung Spike of House of Shoots in 2018.


Richie Re | Atlanta femcee

Richie Re is a female rapper originally from Flint, Michigan, but has since moved to Atlanta "because you can be who you want to be in ATL". She first started doing and record music in her house August 18th 2018.

Richie doesn't like to put herself in a box and wants to be known as a music artist who can play with her sound. She has released a mixtape called "Rich B*tch Chronicles" which features collaborations with Trina, YN Jay, and others.

Richie has given interviews about her music and life, including revealing her type and discussing her work with Trina and YN Jay.


Richie Re age & birthday

Richie was born on December 19th,1991, in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.


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