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Shirin David Music Videos

Shirin David is a German female rapper and singer. She swooped onto the German music scene in a blaze of electrifying energy, unleashing her unique blend of fierce rapping and soulful singing.


Best music videos by Shirin David

With her dynamic artistry and captivating persona, Shirin has become a sensation in the German music industry, and also captivating audiences across the globe with her bold and daring music videos.

From fiery performances to intricate storytelling, Shirin David's music videos are a masterclass in creativity, passion, and ingenuity. Join us as we explore some of the most iconic and eye-popping music videos from this exceptional artist, and discover what makes Shirin David such a dynamic and electrifying force in the world of music.


Lieben wir by Shirin David (2021)

Barbie and pink themed 'Lieben Wir' music video by Shirin Davis was produced by Frio, Juh-Dee & Young Mesh and directed by Jonas Vahl in 2021. "Lieben Wir" means "We Love" in English.


Ich darf das by Shirin David (2021)



Hoes Up by Shirin David (2020)



Ice by Shirin David (2019)

Music video 'Ice' by Shirin Davis was shot by 100BlackDolphins and Neuesuper and directed by PLUG in 2019. 


Gib Ihm by Shirin David (2019)


Shirin David | German female rapper 

Her full name is Barbara Shirin Davidavičius, and she was born on April 11, 1995, in Hamburg, Germany. She has an Iranian father and a Lithuanian mother and has one younger sister. Shirin David graduated from a school of opera singing, dancing, and acting in Hamburg. She currently lives in Berlin.


Shirin David music career

Shirin David's career in music began in 2014, and since then, she has gained immense popularity as a rapper and singer in Germany. Her discography boasts several hit singles, including "90-60-111," which reached number one on the charts in both Germany and Austria.

In addition to her solo work, Shirin David has collaborated with other accomplished artists, such as German rapper Haftbefehl on the track "Conan x Xenia".

Her success in the music industry has earned her numerous accolades and a devoted fan following. Moreover, Shirin David has also recently launched a limited merchandise collection for one of her acclaimed singles. Her noteworthy contributions continue to make her a well-known and highly-regarded presence in the German music scene, and she is steadfastly pursuing her passion for music.


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