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Sabrina Sabrok Music Videos

Sabrina Sabrok is an Argentine female rapper, cyberpunk rock and pop singer.


Best rap & pop music videos by Sabrina Sabrok

Listen and watch beautiful Barbie bodied Sabrina Sabrok's sexy official pop & rap music videos. If you want to rock, listen and checkout Sabrina's metal music on her Youtube channel.


Yo Soy La Locura by Sabrina Sabrok & Alexandro featuring Yung Yogi (2022)

Sabrina Sabrok's rap music video "Yo Soy La Locura" was edited by Alexandro Hernández  and produced by Sabrok Records in 2022. Music video shows Sabrina singing and dancing with two other women in a stripclub and having fun.

Song name "Yo Soy La Locura" translates in English into "I'm madness". The phrase "Yo Soy La Locura" is often used in Spanish-speaking countries to express a sense of excitement, passion, or creativity. It can also be used to express a sense of rebellion or nonconformity.


Esquizofrenia by Sabrina Sabrok & Alexandro featuring Yung Yogi (2022)



Sabrina Sabrok | Bad One (2021 music video)



Dangerous Love by Sabrina Sabrok (2017 music video)

The song "Dangerous Love" by Sabrina Sabrok has little bit everything, melodious pop tunes mixed with harder tasty rock riffs and some rapping by Sabrina. The "Dangerous Love" music video was released on 2017 and it has already gained over 500k views, before Youtube took it down, for unknown reason.


Sabrina Sabrok | Hot Sex-Positive Female Rapper

Sabrina Sabrok (real name Lorena Fabiana Colotta) is an Argentinian music artist, television host and celebrity, adult actress & producer, OnlyFans star, glamour model, social media influencer and a successful business woman. Sabrina's music style/genre changes between heavy metal, rap and pop.

Sabrina was born March 4, 1970 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Sabrina has posed for the Mexican edition of Playboy magazine in July 2003 and August 2005. In total, Sabrina S has been featured on 5 Playboy Covers.

In 2012 Sabrina Sabrok was known as "The Celebrity With The Largest Breasts In The World".

Sabrina's huge silicone breasts helped her launch to fame early on. Sabrok got her first silicone breast enhancement at 25. Sabrina took over 50 cosmetic surgeries before she turned 50 - and has said getting more. Since then, she has admitted being addicted to beauty, cosmetic surgeries, sexuality and porn. To combine everything she loves, Sabrina started her porn production company and features in many of the videos.

"My looks generate a lot of attention – both positive and negative – but if people are talking then it's a good thing, at least you got their attention." Sabrina Sabrok

She has appeared in several television shows, such as "La hora pico" and the Mexican edition of the reality show "Big Brother VIP". Sabrina has also hosted her own television show called "Sabrina, El Sexo en su Máxima Expresión". Other notable film/television works include "Top Models" and "Zona de riesgo".

Sabrina also has a presence on platforms like Cameo, where she offers personalized video messages. 


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