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Diamond the Body Music Videos

Female rapper Diamond the Body has Jamaican roots, although she was raised and born in New York City. Diamond the Body is in her own league, because she is one of the few female rappers who owns a strip club - just like Amber Rose does.


Best music videos by female rapper Diamond the Body

Diamond the B music videos are often filled with provocative visuals and creative storytelling - which a a reflection of her attitude. Check out and listen some of Diamond The Body's most iconic and memorable music videos from her debut single to her latest releases and see how she has evolved as an artist and honed her visual aesthetic through her music.


Everything Big by Diamond the Body (2022)



Throw It Back by Diamond the Body (2022)

 'Throw It Back' by Diamond the Body was shot by @LilspittaFilms in 2022.


Stripper Prayer by Diamond the Body (2022)

Music video 'Stripper Prayer' by Diamond the Body was directed by Jbyrd of Networkingz in 2022.


Trap Bitches by Diamond the Body (2022)



Super Gremlin freestyle by Diamond the Body (2022)



FTN by Diamond the Body (2021)



Essence remic by Diamond the Body (2021)



Pay for It by Diamond the Body (2020)



Cash App by Diamond the Body (2020)



Trick N*gga by Diamond the Body (2019)



Live at Globe Theater LA by Diamond the Body (2019)



F*ck Than Fight by Diamond the Body feat. Zoey Dollaz (2019)



Fine (Remix) by Diamond the Body (2018)



Same N*igga by Diamond the Body featuring Trina (2018)



Getting Money by Diamond the Body feat. D Rok 305 & Tray Cinco (2018)



Go Together by Diamond the Body (2018)



D*ck Pleaser (Freestyle) by Diamond the Body (2018)



Live performance at the Office by Check Girlz Diamond the Body (2017)



She Pops it for Me by Jacob Bellamy feat. Diamond the Body (2019)


diamond the body

Diamond the Body owns Diamond’s Doll House, which is one of the most well known strip clubs on the west coast in Los Angeles.


Who is Diamond the Body

Diamond The Body, whose real name is Brittany Nicole Carpentero, is an American rapper, entertainer, and entrepreneur. She is known for her provocative lyrics and bold visual aesthetic, and has released numerous tracks and mixtapes throughout her career. Diamond The Body has also been featured in collaborations with other artists - like rapper Tafia - and has been a guest on various radio and television shows, where she has spoken about her music and personal life.


Diamond the Body wants to empower sex workers and be an ambassador for hoes | Interview

In 2022 interview Diamond the Body said "This is my thing when I talk about hoes, bitches, strippers and prostitutes... My thing is, I'm not trying convince nobody to be a hoe or to be a prostitute or be a stripper. I just represent for the bitches that are already that. I represent for the strippers, I represent for the hoes and I represent for the prostitutes and the sex workers and the bitches that's the Only Fans. Like that's who I speak for.

I'm not trying to change nobody and say oh well if you are a good church going woman, you need to throw that away and be a hoe. No baby, if that's your life that's a path you chose, choose that path and live your life."


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