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Shawn Storm Music Videos

Shawn Storm is a beloved Jamaican dancehall artist known for his authentic music and down-to-earth personality. Born Shawn Campbell in Portmore, Jamaica, Storm has been passionate about music since childhood. He first gained recognition in 2008 after collaborating with Vybz Kartel on "Ghetto Yutes Be Wise," which paved the way for his breakout hit "My Life" in 2008. This megahit led to award nominations and established Storm as a rising dancehall star.

Since then, Shawn Storm has become one of the most prominent artists in the Jamaican scene, with hits like "Badmind People" and "Warn Dem". Loyal fans have dubbed him the "dancehall's most loyal artist" for his continued collaboration with Vybz Kartel over the years.

Beyond his artistry, Shawn Storm is admired for his down-to-earth nature and devotion to his family and community. Despite his incarceration since 2011, Storm's poignant music continues to inspire listeners. He has supported various philanthropic causes in healthcare and social justice while behind bars.

Best music videos by Shawn Storm

Shawn Storm released his first music video 'Wine' in 2015. To experience Storm's authentic music videos firsthand, see these top music videos and also subscribe to his YouTube channel where you can also see behind-the-scenes footage and updates on new releases.


Bubble Up by Shawn Storm (2021)

The music video for Shawn Storm's song "Bubble Up" was shot by Chrome Video Entertainment and edited by Zeej Sterling in 2021.



Turn Me On by Shawn Storm (2020)

Shawn Storm's music video "Turn Me On" was shot and edited by Chadd Henry of Kreative Klique in 2020.



Girls Blow by Shawn Storm (2020)

The music video 'Girls Blow' by Shawn Storm was produced Kwashawna Records and video was shot by Face Xpression in 2020.



Don't Sure by Shawn Storm (2020)




Heaven & Earth by Shawn Storm (2019)




Call Me by Kwenshade x Shawn Storm (2019)




Vacation by Shawn Storm (2018)



As Shawn Storm continues his music career, he remains a symbol of loyalty and hope through his uplifting dancehall tracks. His songs are available on all major streaming platforms as well.


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