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Kalado Music Videos

Kalado is a Jamaican reggae, dancehall deejay and artist. He is the founder of G-Law Records. In April 2018 Kalado signed an agreement with New York-based Donsome Booking Agency which is operated by Adrian "Donsome" Hanson.

His real name is Eton “Kalado” Gordon and he was born and raised in the Kingston, until he moved to Clarendon at the age of five. Kalado attended Edwin Allen High School, focusing on the visual arts.


Get Luse Gyal by Kalado (2022)




Back Road Combo by Kalado (2021)




Tight Middle Gyal by Kalado ft. Bawda Cat (2021)




The Produck by Kalado (2020)




Sexcited by Kalado (2017)




Make Me Feel by Kalado (2017)




Wet Dream by Kalado (2015)




Living the Life by Kalado (2014)


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