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Positive adverbs that start with B

List of positive adverbs starting with b

Beauteously very beautifully; in a beautiful, lovely or pretty manner.
Beautifully in a manner that pleases the mind or senses aesthetically; excellently.
Beneficently with beneficence or in an beneficent manner.
Beneficially in an advantageous or beneficial manner; helpfully; liberally; bountifully; profitably.
Benevolently in a benevolent manner; kindly or with good will.
Benignly in a benign manner; favorably; graciously; kindly.
Best from a position of superiority; in a most excellent manner or way.

Blazingly in a blazing manner; impressively; brightly and powerfully.
Blessedly in a blessed, holy or happy manner; fortunately; joyfully.
Blissfully in a blissful manner; happily; joyfully.
Blithely in a carefree and joyful manner; gladly; kindly; gaily.

Boisterously in a boisterous or carefree manner.
Boldly in a bold manner; with confidence.
Bounteously in a bountiful manner; generously; largely; freely; liberally.
Bountifully in a bountiful manner; largely; liberally.

Bravely in a brave or courageous manner; gallantly; valiantly; nobly; splendidly; prosperously; thrivingly; well.
Brightly in a bright manner or with brightness; brilliantly; splendidly; with lively intelligent; cheerfully.
Brilliantly in a brilliant manner; with brightness; splendidly; in a very intelligent way.
Briskly in a brisk manner; fast; nimbly; quickly; swiftly; with spirit and life; vigorously.
Brotherly like a brother; affectionately; fraternally; kindly.

Buoyantly in a buoyant manner; cheerfully.
Busily with care; carefully; actively.

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