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Thallita Treyce Music Videos

Listen and checkout the best music videos by Brazilian singer and songwriter Thallita Treyce. She has been gaining popularity really fast and has already more than 70 million views on YouTube (in early 2023).

Eu Vou Jogar by Treyce e DJ Ruan da VK (2023)




Jogando Ombrin by Nick, Treyce e DJ RD (2022)

Music video 'Jogando Ombrin' by Treyce x Nick was directed and edited by Youssef Jabbour in 2022.



Me Chama de Amor by O Tubarão e Treyce (2022)




Lovezinho by Thallita Treyce, Kevinho, Taina Costa (2022)

Thallitas 'Lovezinho' music video was directed by Ian Andrade, Guibson, Saraiva and produced by Gabriel Medina, Fabricio and Gutão in 2022.



Ai Que Delicia by Mc Treyce and Mc M10 (2022)




Me Chama De Amor by Thallita Treyce and Dani Russo no BEAT (2022)




Ai Papai Apaixonei by DJ PKG, Lukão Mec, MC Treyce, Yasmim Backer (2021)



Who is Thallita Treyce?

Thallita Treyce is Brazialian singer and songwriter. Thallita started her music career as a singer in the church. One time she even thought of giving up the artistic world. However, it was through the contact with her artistic godfather, the businessman Geraldinho, CEO of the Emperor Mansion, that she began to dream again about her future in the profession.

The partnership worked so well that from then on Treyce migrated to social networks, where her career took off. Today, she has over 300,000 followers on Instagram, 3 million listeners on Spotify, and over 3 million views on Tik Tok.

Her track 'Me chama de amor', which reached one million views on YouTube in three days, has over 66 million views (in February 2023). The release of 'Malvadin' has become a hit among celebrities.

In May of 2021, she began utilizing TikTok by posting mostly dance videos. She even lost two Tik Tok accounts with about one million each, but it didn't stop Thallita. Now she works with great Brazilian producers, and is starting a tour with shows all over the national and international territory.

Thallita Treyce age

Thallita was born in June 2005,  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her zodiac sign is Gemini.




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