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Kamylinha Santos Music Videos

Kamylinha Santos is a Brazilian singer and dancer who gained popularity after joining dancer Hytalo Santos and forming a duo that enchanted Brazil through dance.

Kamila Maria, better known as Kamylinha Santos, was born in Cajazeiras, Paraíba, Brazil. Kamylinha Santos was featured on the Xeque-Mate program, aired by TVU, an educational content broadcaster from Rio Grande do Norte. Participation in the program earned the young woman a scholarship to a ballet school to perfect her dancing talent.


Kamylinha Santos music videos

Listen the best & most popular music videos by Kamylinha Santos.


TÔ LIVRE by Kamylinha Santos (2023)




Bonde Da Kamylinha by Kamylinha Santos (2022)




Recaida by Kamylinha Santos (2022)

Horse riding themed music video for song Recaída (eng. Relapse) was released on Youtube 12.4.2022.



Cobra Miga by Kamylinha Santos, Hytalo Santos and Ketlyn(2021)




Vulgo Fechacao by Kamylinha Santos, Hytalo Santos and Sofia (2021)




Na Testa by Kamylinha Santos and Hytalo Santos (2021)




Bate Rebate by Kamylinha and Hytalo Santos featuring Júlia (2021)




Mo Paz by Kamylinha and Hytalo Santos (2021)



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