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Starface Music Videos

Starface is a female dancehall artist from Jamaica, Portmore, who is known for her savvy sexual style visuals and catchy lyrics.

Watch and listen steamy music videos and tunes from rising female dancehall talent Starface. Starface released her first music video "Hold My Man" on Youtube Jan 17, 2016.


Tie Mi by Starface featuring Bryka (2021)

Hot music video for Starface's song "Tie Mi" was edited and directed by Lyrical Nerd in 2021.



Starface, Maestro, Trizo - TRIO




One Man by Starface (2021)




Sex On Track by Starface (2020)




Born Wid It by Starface (2020)




Starface - Own Money (2019)




So What? by Starface (2019)




Starface - Ride It




Oh Yeah by Starface Featuring Eshconinco (2017)


Starface | Jamaican female dancehall artist

Starface (real name Nadesha Edwards) is a Jamaican dancehall princess who started gain traction with her feature on dancehall legend Beenie Man's “Ride Along” produced by Konsequence Muzik in 2015.

StarFace describes her music as reality music and a way of life. Her lyrical talents and songwriting capabilities exemplify her fierce determination to thrive and be successful in the music industry.

Starface's songs have performed well on charts. For instance, her song "So What" reached the sixth position on the Jamaican charts. Another song, "Hold Her Man", created a buzz when it was released. She has collaborated with several artists, including Beenie Man.

She also worked on her "Summa Bodie", which involved a million-dollar investment in herself. So, in 2019 Starface decided to go under plastic surgery for self-improvement and self-confidence, because she was uncomfortable with unwanted body fat. She got herself a liposuction and breast lift (mastopexy) surgery. 

"I was always a shapely person but I had rolls in my side, back fat and I had a little bulge with my belly and I didn't like it; that was my biggest problem,". "I did a breast lift and had the fat removed from my belly, side and back and transferred to my butt only. I never really had to do my breasts but you know how everything go, a fashion."

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