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Chromazz Music Videos

Chromazz is a Canadian female artist, songwriter, and producer whose music videos have gained recognition worldwide. She is known for blending different genres together to create a unique sound, her work has featured in various productions, from drum & bass to hip-hop, and continues to inspire many with its fresh perspective. Through her compelling music videos, Chromazz encourages viewers to take charge of their own lives and dreams.


Zorras/Coca Cola by Chromazz (2022)



Beyblade by Chromazz featuring Yung Leeks (2022)



Hennessy by Chromazz & Cholocash (2021)



Back Door Mami by Chromazz & Yung Leeks



Chromazz - Baddie



Chromazz - S.B.W



Chromazz - Let's Go



Chromita by Chromazz



Big Step by Chromazz & Yung Leeks


WaterPaste by Chromazz (2019)





Chomazz Chromin

Chromazz (Chormin) is a well-known Canadian rap and dancehall artist, songwriter, social media influencer, model & personality. In 2019 she’s also started dabbling in the music industry and gained quickly followers & listeners. In summer 2022 Chromazz has already gained over 100k Youtube followers and over 30 milllion views. She was born in Toronto, Canada on April 21, 1999. 

Chromazz music covers topics, from love and relationships to self-improvement and the power of dreams. Her goal is to empower those who listen to her music, and she believes that through her witty and relatable music, positive change can be achieved.


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