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Rabi Yamilet Music Videos

Rabi Yamilet aka YRB Rabi is an up-and-coming Dominican rapper/dancehall artist and dancer. Her music is heavily inspired by Latina culture, and she incorporates both Spanish and English lyrics into her songs. She is known for her smooth flow and clever wordplay, making her an artist to keep an eye on in the hip-hop and rap scene. From powerful anthems to more laid back vibes, Rabi Yamilet makes sure to deliver a unique sound every time.


Yo Soy Su Lazzy by Rabi Yamilet aka YRB Rabi (2021)




Capota by Rabi Yamilet x El Fecho Rd x El malcriao (2021)




Onguito by El Chima En La Casa x Rabi Yamilet (2021)


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