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Miami Tip Drill Music Videos

Female rapper Miami Tip, known also as Tip Drill when she worked as an exotic dancer. Now former “Tip Drill” is putting all her energy and focus into a rap & OnlyFans career and leaving exotic dancing behind.


Ain't No Such Thang by Miami Tip (2018)



She Ain't Cheap by Miami Tip  (2019)



Wet P*ssy by Miami Tip (2018)



Plain Jane (TipMix) by Miami Tip (2018)



Lajan by Miami Tip (2019)



Don't Stop by Miami Tip Feat. Fatboy Rhymer (2016)



My main goal is to just show women that regardless of where you come from and what you are expected to be, things can change and you can change situations around and make them work for you. You can do it all on your own, regardless of the obstacles. My goal is to be an inspiration to women period.

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