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Lisa Hyper music videos

Lisa Hyper is a Jamaican female dancehall artist, songwriter, and entrepreneur. She is known for music that combines dancehall, reggae, hip-hop, and R&B influences, as well as incorporating elements of electronic and pop music.


Top reggae/dancehall music videos by Lisa Hyper

Tune in, watch and listen some best Lisa Hyper songs with music videos.


Saw Di Hype by Lisa Hyper (2022)




Nuh Like People by Lisa Hyper (2022)

The 'Nuh Like People' music video by Lisa Hyper was produced by Luigi Society, Yo West Productions and Gad People Productions in 2022.



Stress Who by Lisa Hyper (2022)

Stress Who music video by Lisa Hyper was produced by Ireland Records in 2022.



Ghetto Man by Lisa Hyper (2022)

Music video 'Ghetto Man' was directed in 2022 by Lisa Hyper and David Ireland, shot by Pixelege studios and edited by Everton Gentles.



Sculpture by Lisa Hyper (2021)

The 'Sculpture' is her most popular song/music video with over 4 million views on Youtube (January 2023). Hugely successful music video was produced by Mineral Boss Records, shoot by Shoot Em Up Films and distributed by Johnny Wonder in 2021.

The song is about the positive effects and benefits of plastic surgery with lyrics like, “Botched where? Shake up mi butty and flash hair” and "This a body every man target". In 2021 Lisa got herself a liposculpture and Brazilian butt lift procedures at Designer Bodys - plastic surgery company in Dominican Republic.

Famous dancehall artist Spice showed support for the plastic surgery positive song 'Sculpture' by touting ”Mi like dah song ya!”.

Lisa’s cosmetic operation was just one out of the many surgeries, on growing body surgery trend going on Jamaica and around the world, for example Bulgaria. Many of the popular Jamaican female dancehall artists want to look their best nowadays. Such names as Spice, Ishawna, Dancing Rebel, Renee 6:30, Queen Nikki and Pretti Pretti are known to gone under cosmetic surgeries.



Which Gyal by Lisa Hyper (2020)

Music video 'Which Gyal' was produced by Strikas Music/Hustle Firm Ent/Monarch Music, shoot by Ovation Lab and directed by Dj Frankco/Posh Morris in 2020.



Belong to You by Lisa Hyper featuring Gyptian (2017)

Belong To You music video was produced by Strikas Music/Hustle Firm Ent/Monarch Music, shot by Ovation Lab and directed by Dj Frankco/Posh Morris.


Who is Lisa Hyper

Lisa Hype's - real name Felicia Gooden - is a popular Jamaican female dancehall artist. In 2010 Lisa received EME Excellence in Music award for best new female artist. She has toured all over the World and especially in USA, places like Raleigh, North Carolina, Richmond and Virginia.


Fun fact about Lisa Hyper 

She got fired on her first day on 9-5 job.


I’m the epitome of strength, thanks to God, and I face difficulties head-on instead of falling into despair or using unhealthy coping strategies. - Lisa Hyper quote


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