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Do you want to be promoted on female rapper blog? Now you can, and it's super easy.


How to promote your music?

Answer at least to 5 interview questions, write us your Youtube channel url and social media profiles (optional), and we'll promote you, your music and social media profiles.

Send your answers to with a subject line "Music blog promotion + your artist name" or use the contact form.

Interview questions:

  • What was your first song and when you created it?
  • What song lyrics make you laugh?
  • What or who inspires you most?
  • Do you mix your own sounds?
  • How rap, funk or dancehall music has improved your life?
  • What are your plans for near future?
  • How did you get into rapping or dancehall?
  • Have your parent been supportive about your choices?
  • How long music has been part of your life?
  • Do you like to live perform?
  • If you would be a fruit what fruit you would be?
  • Did you ever had tough time and how did you get through it?
  • If you could make a collab song with anyone, who would that be?
  • Who is the best female rapper or dancehall artists in your opinion?


Can I add more text than just interview questions?

Totally. If you have more to say, we are more than happy to publish your thoughts in text form. Content has to be in line with our terms (no hateful content, politics etc.).


Can I add photos or video content?

Absolutely, just send us the photos and/or videos you want to be included into the blog post.


What are the requirements?

  1. Answer at least 5 interview questions.
  2. Have at least two music video releases on your Youtube channel.
  3. Allowed music genres: Rap, Hip Hop, Dancehall and Funk Carioca.
  4. You have all necessary rights to music you want to promote.
  5. You are at least 18 year old.


Is it free to promote my music?

Yes, it is totally 100 % free no strings attached.


Why you should promote your music?

Why not? You get free visibility, traffic and backlinks to your website and/or social media accounts. There is only upsides to get promoted. Additionally you will be added to best female rappers list if you are not yet there.


When you promote my music?

It can take anything between 2-14 days. We'll notify you by e-mail when we are ready to promote your music and publish the blog post.