Positive Sayings

Short positive sayings, idioms and phrases


Idioms starting with A

A 1

À la mode

A to B

A to Z

Across the board

Agony aunt

Ahead of the game

Ahead of your (it’s) time

Aid and abet

Airs and graces

Alive and kicking

Alive and well

All and sundry

All comers


All ears

All heart

All out

All right

All round

All set


All systems go

All there

An admirable Crichton

An Aladdin’s cave

An Aladdin’s lamp

Annus Mirabilis

Apple of one's eye

Arm candy

As easy as ABC

Au fait



Idioms starting with B

Ball of fire

Be across something

Be all that

Bent on

Best girl

Best of both worlds

Best seller

Big cheese

Big enchilada

Big fish

Big gun

Big league

Big wheel

Bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

Blessing in disguise

Bon vivant

Bona fide

Brace up

Break a leg

Bundle of energy

Bundle up



Idioms starting with C

Cared for

Come around (round)

Cooking with gas

Count your blessings



Idioms starting with D

Doll up

Dolled up

Doted on

Driving force

Drop-dead gorgeous


Idioms starting with E

Eager beaver

Easy on the eyes

Every cloud has a silver lining

Everything’s coming up roses



Idioms starting with F

Fellow worker

Fight tooth and nail

Flat out

For real



Idioms starting with G

Game plan

Get something out of your system

Get up and go

Get your act together

Give a good account of yourself

Give (or get) the all-clear

Give someone the benefit of the doubt

Glad rags

Go back to the drawing board

Golden goal

Golden goose

Golden handcuffs

Golden handshake

Golden hello

Golden jubilee

Golden oldie

Golden wedding

Gold standard

Good egg

Good form

Good health

Good Samaritan

Good spirit

Gung ho



Idioms starting with H

Hang in there

Happy as a clam

Happy camper

Happy hour


Happy medium

Hard worker

Have an ace up your sleeve

Have people rolling in the aisles

Head honcho

Heart's desire

Heavy hitter

High spirits

Highly regarded

Highly seasoned 

Highly valued

Hit the sack

Hold all the aces

Honey pie



Idioms starting with I

In a good mood

In Abrahams bosom

In aid of

In good spirits

In on the act

In seventh heaven

In tune

It's not rocket science



Idioms starting with J

Jazz up

Jewel Tone


Idioms starting with K

Keep your chin up



Idioms starting with L

Lady’s man

Lap of honour

Leading figure

Leading light

Life force

Lift up

Little one

Live one

Live wire

Love affair

Love match

Loved up

Lucky dip



Idioms starting with M

Made man

Magnum opus

Maid of honor

Make a long story short

Matron of honor

May queen

Midas touch

Milch Cow

Miracle worker

Miss right

Moral sense

Moral support

Most excellent

Motivating force

Mover and shaker

Mystery tour



Idioms starting with N

Never been better

No pain, no gain

Number one

Numero uno



Idioms starting with O

Object lesson

Objet d’art

Old stager

Olive branch

On cloud nine

On hand

On the air

On the ball

On the top of the world

One and only

One of a kind

Open sesame



Idioms starting with P

Par excellence

Piece of cake

Peace of mind

Peace pipe

Peace sign

Peace time

Peachy keen

People person

Pick up

Play your ace

Policy maker

Prime mover

Problem solver

Power broker

Press on

Psyched up

Pull someone's leg

Pull yourself together

Pumped up



Idioms starting with Q

Quality Control

Quality time

Queen bee

Queen of the may

Qui Vive

Quick fix

Quid pro quo



Idioms starting with R

Right stuff



Idioms starting with S

Salt of the earth

Secret weapon

Significant other


Small fry

Smart set

Smoking hot

So far so good

Soup up

Spark plug

Spinner of yarns

Spot on

Straight shooter

Super angel



Idioms starting with T

Take the air

Teller of tales

The acceptable face of

There is light at the end of the tunnel

Tickled pink

Top dog 

Top drawer 

Traffic stopper



Idioms starting with U

Under control

Up to code

Up to snuff 

Up to speed



Idioms starting with W

Walk on air

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

When one door closes, another one opens

Where the action is

White hope

Widely used

With it

Within an ace of

Within reach

Without equal



Idioms starting with Y

Yom tov

You can say that again

You’ve got nothing to lose

Your actual





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