Can I advertise on your page?

Yes, you can advertise on our blog page and blog articles.


What is the minimum running time for advertisement campaign?

You can buy placement for advertisement campaign for 6, 12, 18 or 24 months.

I wanna keep thing simple as possible. Therefore we don't provide advertisement campaigns for short time periods.


How much advertising costs?

  • 6 month campaign: $600
  • 12 month campaign: $1000


Where your ads will be showing?

  1. Blog page as a popup ad.
  2. Blog articles as a popup ad.
  3. 10 blog articles of your choosing as a banner ad.


Will there be advertisements from other companies?


I will accept only one advertiser per campaign, so you can be sure there is no competition for your advertisements.


Is there limits on content I can advertise?


We don't accept gambling, adult/pornographic, sex toy, smoking, alcohol, food related advertisements or content.

Best catogories to advertise at are self-help, teaching, learning, books, art, clothing & health related products or services.