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Upcoming eBook | Special bundle offer "get it free"

Many of you "dear readers of my blog" have asked tips for motivation and how to stop procrastination and therefore...

I decided to write a tiny motivational guide book the "Driving Spirit Within You" to share what I've learned and what works for me - and there is a good chance you'll find some golden nuggets of information in it for yourself.  


The other reason to write this book is... 

My desire to stop my main job as a website designer and become a full-time blogger and research positive words with more scientific methods.


If you're thinking positive words research to be a worthy research subject, now is your best time to show it.


Or check out my brand new Patreon page and become an Ambassador of Goodwill, if you believe that what I do is worth at least 1$.




The Special Book Bundle Offer | Dictionary of Positivity

When you preorder (before 24st of June 2019) the Dictionary of Positivity 4th edition at you will get the Driving Spirit Within You ebook for free.


The Driving Spirit Within You will be published June 24th 2019 bundled with new 4th edition of Dictionary of Positivity.


The book will be under 100 pages, because I want it to be a quick snack for mind to "digest"... And an easy way to start learning some effective motivational habits.


If you are curious what will be in the book... Here is a sneak peek of Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
    • Bare essentials for success "what is success?"
    • How to read any self-help book and reap the benefits
  • Chapter 1 – Set the Right Kind Of Goals
    • Unrealistic VS Realistic Goals
    • Learn to Set the Right Kind of Goals 
  • Chapter 2 – "Goal Stoppers" Stopping You from Achieving Your Goals?
    • Spooky Fear of Failure
    • Procrastination
    • Success Can be Scary
    • Battle with Self-Belief
    • Absence of Motivation
  • Chapter 3 – Do You Know What Exactly Is Motivation?
    • Internal Motivation
    • External Motivation
    • Which One Is Better? Internal or External Motivation?
    • Understand Your “Why”


+ at least 5 more chapters and "secret bonuses".


1 thought on “Upcoming eBook | Special bundle offer "get it free"

Corene Torres

I would like a copy of the ebook.

August 4, 2019 at 19:01pm

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