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Rocky Badd Music Videos

Get ready to turn up the volume and celebrate female power Rocky Badd, the trailblazing rapper from Detroit, is taking the music industry by storm with her unapologetic lyrics, infectious beats, and visually stunning music videos.

With her unique blend of confidence, charisma, and creativity, Rocky Badd is inspiring a new generation of women to take control and own their narrative. In this post, we're counting down the top 10 music videos from this rising star, featuring her most iconic visuals, sickest rhymes, and most unforgettable performances.

From popular 'Oppressed' to 'Barbie Bstyle' featuring Jaidyn Alexxis let's dive into the world of Rocky Badd and explore the music videos that are redefining the future of hip-hop.

rocky badd female rapper


1. Barbie Bstyle by Rocky Badd featuring Jaidyn Alexxis (2024)




2. Goated by Rocky Badd (2024)

The music video 'Goated' was originally shot in 2021 and was not meant to released at all, because Rocky wasn't happy with the final cut. BUT, in 2024 Rocky Badd took matter into her own hands and created her own first ever music video edit, and here you can see the result!



3. Tell Her To Bstyley by Rocky Badd featuring Mauri Core (2022)




4. Girls Kissing Girls by Rocky Badd x CBSM Henny (2022)




5. Phone Sex by Rocky Badd (2021)




6. My Voice LeEaving by Rocky Badd (2021)




7. Lit by Rocky Badd (2020)




8. Make Another by Rocky Badd (2019)




9. Misunderstood by Rocky Badd (2018)




10. With You by Rocky Badd (2017)

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