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Lazadia Music Videos | American Femcee

Lazadia Barbie is an American female rapper from Norfolk, Virginia. Lazadia has made a name for herself via rap music and as an OnlyFans star which had gained her recognition as the “Stripper, Rapper, Trapper”.

Lazadia blends 90's hip hop with a fresh new sound. Texture-rich production thrills while clever lyrics seduce. Evoking hitmakers like Trina, 50 Cent and Lil Wayne, their rapid-fire flow and slick harmonizing feel both nostalgic and cutting-edge. Lazadia delivers 2000's era hip hop with a 90's gold shine.

Ok ok, now to the visuals and top music videos by talented Lazadia!


No Talking by Lazadia (2023)

Summery poolside themed music video 'No Talking' by Lazadia Barbie was shot by TopShooterFilms in 2023.




Made It by Lazadia (2022 music video)

The music video for Lazadia's song "Made It" was filmed by Virginian based director/editor based @ShotByRayzr and published on Youtube 5.8.2022


Freaky Girl by Lazadia Barbie (2018)

Watch Lazadia is flaunting her beautiful body in this carwash themed music video 'Freaky Girl' that was shot by Lit Visions in 2018.



Only Fans by Lazadia Barbie (2020)

'Only Fans' is an OnlyFans tribute music video by Lazadia Barbie which was shot and edited by Frankie From The Trap in 2020. Music video shows Lazadia taking selfies while wearing blue outfit in her home studio and getting ready for making OnlyFans content.



Zap by Lazadia Barbie (2021)

Music video "Zap" by Lazadia was shot by Domico Phillips.



Yikes by Lazadia Barbie (2020)

Music video for Lazadia's Nicki Minaj cover song "Yikes" was filmed by Straight Raw in Norfolk and published on Youtube 20.3.2020.



Face by Lazadia Barbie (2017)

 Visuals for music video "Face" was directed by Darius Lewis of PFCCFILMS @pilotfly757.



Disappear by Lazadia Barbie (2016)

'Disappear' music video by Lazadia Barbie was directed by DeAndre Fulton of Abstrak Media Group in 2016.


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