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Katja Krasavice music videos

Katja Krasavice (Katrin Vogelová) is a Czech-German female rapper, pop music artist, singer, Youtuber, social media influencer and former web video producer.


Top rap music videos by Katja Krasavice

Her top 3 most viewed rap songs on Youtube (in March 2023) are Sex Tape, Gucci Girl and Sugar Daddy.


Pussy Power by Katja Krasavice (2021)

Song and music video 'Pussy Power' by Katja Krasavice was directed by Tatjana Wenig & Jakub Rzucidlo / Plug Pictures and produced by Adonis Krasniqi & Alban Selimaj of Sekuence Studio.



Million Dollar A$$ by Katja Krasavice (2020)

The song 'Million Dollar A$$' by Katja Krasavice was produced by DRKNSD Production in 2020.



Katja Krasavice live performance Boss Bitch Tour 2020

Katja Krasavice live performing song 'Uhuh' at Longhorn Stuttgart March 10th, 2020.



Gucci Girl by Katja Krasavice (2019)

'Gucci Girl' by Katja Krasavice is rap/pop version of famous pop song Barbie Girl by Aqua with body positive and plastic surgery positive message. Katja directed the music video by herself and it was shot by Fati Media Group GmbH in 2019.



Sugar Daddy by Katja Krasavice (2019)




Sex Tape by Katja Krasavice (2018)



Top pop music videos by Katja Krasavice

Katja released her first single, Doggy (pop song), at the end of 2017, which reached number seven in the German singles chart for one week. In July 2019 she was signed to Warner Music. Her debut album Boss Bitch was released in January 2020 and reached number one on the German album charts.


Frauen by Katja Krasavice (2023)

Music video 'Frauen' by Katja Krasavice was directed by Katja & Rita Krasniqi and produced by Sekuence Studio in 2023.



OnlyFans by Katja Krasavice (2022)




You're My Heart, You're My Soul by Katja Krasavice x Dieter Bohlen x Pietro Lombardi (2022)




Raindrops by Katja Krasavice & Leony (2021)




Friendzone by Katja Krasavice (2021)




Alles Schon Gesehen by Katja Krasavice (2021)




Casino by Katja Krasavice (2019)




Wer Bist Du by Katja Krasavice (2019)




Dicke Lippen by Katja Krasavice (2018)




Doggy by Katja Krasavice (2017)

Katja was still an active YouTuber when she released her debut single 'Doggy'. The lighthearted music video and sex-positive pop-dance song was produced by Stard Ova in November 2017. The single became fast a top ten hit in Austria and Germany, gaining at numbers 5 and 7.


Katja Krasavice | Bio

Katja Krasavice (born 10 August 1996 in Teplice, Czech Republic) is a German pop singer, rapper and former social media personality. She rose to fame with her explicit, provocative content on her YouTube channel, which has earned her over 490k subscribers today (in March 2023).

Katja started as Youtuber on March 29, 2014 when she opened up her YouTube channel. She garnered quickly views and subscribers by publishing videos of herself in revealing and sexy outfits. She talked openly about sexuality, sex preferences and techniques in her videos. Katja became knowns as "the sex YouTuber", because her open and positive attitude towards sexuality, porn culture and plastic surgery.

Her debut single "Doggy" was released in 2018 and topped the German singles chart in 2019. She has since released a number of other singles and EPs, and has collaborated with other artists on a variety of songs. She has also released her debut studio album, titled "Boss Bitch", which was a big commercial success.

In 2021 Katja was featured in Saweetie song 'Best Friend' with Doja Cat.


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